Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Greetings all!

It's a new day, a new year, a new life for me...and I'm feeling good.

It's been 11 years since I started this blog. Originally, I had intended it to be a reflection on the publishing industry and my journey to achieving a writer's dream of working with a legacy publisher through a big agent and seeing my books on the shelves at the local bookstore. Throughout the years that dream has changed as fast as the publishing industry changed. I saw the rise of ebooks and the ebb and flow of print. I saw the excitement over the espresso book machine and digital publishing start to slide off into its own domain. I watched publishers open and close and I also saw the opening and closing of my own publishing company with my late business partner and good friend.

Before then I had been published in small magazines, but with the start of this blog a decade ago (can you believe it?) I also entered the digital publishing realm. Much of it I viewed on the sidelines and commentated on this blog. All the while, stories swam around in my head...

I still have binders and boxes full of stories nearly finished and some that need to be finished. Old floppy disc drives filled with short stories, novellas, poems and short tnovels. Some in dire need of rewrites after all that I have learned about storytelling over the years, and others that just need  a touch-up to set it on the right path to completion. I've loved writing ever since I was a preteen and I often found myself writing and imagining my own versions of movies and stories that I saw and read.

I wanted to be one of those fast writers that popped out book after book in no time and at times I would get very close to such production. But family always came first for me which would often push writing to the side.

This year, I'm putting a new goal in place. As an indie published author with a business, I am able to extend my art from the cover and throughout the design of the book to mesh with the story that is told between those pages. I like being in control of it and am proud when a reader enjoys my work. I made up a list of books I want to put out which range from a variety of genres and story types. I also made a loose listing of when I'd like to put those books out. I have three main goals in mind and I plan to stick to them as much as I can. With so much chaos in the world and news, writing and imaginary worlds have been keeping me sane which have been keeping me off social media and online.  Sometimes I take a break from things online and the beginning of this year has been no exception as I refocus my energy toward my goals. It's been a really nice breath of fresh air to get back to the basics of things.

And I hope I can keep doing it for a very long time.

Thanks to all who have been following my work through the years. Here's to the future and all the many stories that may encompass that world.

See you around the bookshelves!