New Year, New Challenges, New To-Dos!

Hey folks! It's a new year and I love starting over with a clean slate. The end of 2015 went by with a whoosh as usual which set me back a bit on my to-do list. The start of this year began with challenges right out of the gate! I'm going through yet another move due to some house issues (meh). This one is temporary (thankfully), so the writing has been on and off. I'm dying to finish these books hanging out in my head, but I guess one can only do so much with the time they have! 

Nevertheless, I still have some great goals in mind to accomplish, including diversifying some of my works again. 

Keep an eye out for some new genres popping up via announcements on my upcoming mailing list. There's a free story still popping up as soon as I make sure it's presentable! 

One of my big goals this year is to finish a lot of things and speed up my writing process a bit. I'm not the quickest writer/publisher out there by far, but I want to take my time not only to deliver you guys the best stories I can write, but also to make sure they are as clean and edited as possible. I don't release things until I'm completely confident and sure they should be seen by others. Kind of like sending your kids off to school. You don't want to send your kid out into the world wearing moth-eaten jackets and torn pants showing their bum! Same thing with my stories. :-D

Due the surprise move and stuff, I'm going to move my January releases to February so I can properly prep for the release. That coincides with the month 'o' love so if you're looking forward to snuggling up with some chocolates and a romantic read, keep an eye out for some new works from one of my pen names. ;-)

One thing I love about many of the 2016 goals from my fellow writers is just one thing: write. Sometimes we get so bogged down by how to sell so many books, how to build readers and list peoples, how to double income, etc, ad nauseum. My introverted self just wants to retreat from all of the noise! Just writing, entertaining, and chatting with you guys -- my readers -- are what I'd like to focus on. And if more want to hop on in and check out my works, the more the merrier! :-)

For now, I'm working on getting as much writing as possible before the move and during my temp stay along with the delayed newsletter out to the subscribers. 

Stay tuned!!


JazzFeathers said...

Hey that sounds like a great goal :-)

I think balancing writing and networking... and oh! a life!... is the hardest thing to do. But there is a way to go, and we jsut need to find it.

Lots of wishes for a fantastic and productive 2016!!