One Night Before Christmas by Susan Carlisle ~ A Highly Recommended Read

One Night Before Christmas

Unwrapping Dr Reynolds…
Sports physician Dr Melanie Hyde is used to being treated as one of the guys — but just sometimes, it would be nice to be treated like a woman…
So when hot-shot orthopaedic doctor Dalton Reynolds flies in to Niagara Falls, his brooding good looks ignite feelings Mel never even knew existed!
Dalton’s flight leaves in a few days yet after their short, but steamy, time together, Mel knows that she’s already fallen for him!  Can she melt Dalton’s heart and convince him to stay…just in time for Christmas?

~Rae's Review~
This is my first read from the Harlequin Medical Romance line and it was an awesome one! I've been looking for books I like to call 'Harlequin in a Book' and this definitely qualified. I kept thinking of Hallmark Hero mainstay Antonio Cupo as Dalton. Yum. 
The thing I loved about this book is not just a romance but also a story about famlial relations and football. I loved how Ms. Carlisle handled the tension between Mel and her father when Dalton eventually brought up. I was hoping it was  loose end she would deal with and she tied everything up so wonderfully. I also love the fact that Mel and Dalton weren't hot for each other the second they laid eyes on one another. It started out as enemies which soon turned to friendship and then romance. Mel took her time and didn't let Dalton use her. She had pride in herself and didn't move unless she knew there were feelings there. Well done! This is going on my keeper shelf as I'm definitely giving this one a re-read in the future!
Highly recommended read!

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