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Series: Ice #3

Release date: August 17th 2015
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Olympic rings and an engagement ring.
Courtney Carlton is ready for both.
She and her boyfriend Josh have skated together and dated for four years, and they’ve reached a critical point in their partnership both on and off the ice. With the Winter Games coming up and their career nearing an end, they are fighting to win a spot on the Olympic team, something Courtney has dreamed of since she was ten years old.

She also has another wish she hopes comes true soon. She’s waiting for a marriage proposal from Josh that she expected to happen by now. Will she realize either dream or will her heart be broken from disappointment?

~ Interview Q & A ~

AWD: Both of your series really explores the artistic beauty of ice skating as the romantic backdrop for your books. What inspired you to write ice skaters as your heroes and heroines? 

JC: I’m a huge fan of the sport, and I always loved making up programs in my head for fictional skaters. Since I used to write when I was a kid and had an active imagination, I started making up stories to go along with the programs. The backstage drama of skating is so fascinating, and there are so many possibilities for stories.

AWD: Do you have a favorite real life pairing or perhaps one that inspired the story for your characters? 

JC: Olympic ice dance medalists Charlie White and Tanith Belbin helped inspire the initial conflict in the Ice series – two skaters on opposing teams falling in love. I thought it was such an interesting situation that could cause so many strong emotions. Charlie and Tanith are happily married now! Will Courtney and Josh get their happy ending, too?

AWD: What was the research like in preparation for your series? 

JC: I didn’t have to do a ton of research since I follow the sport closely on a daily basis. I use that knowledge plus my experiences from traveling to competitions when I’m writing my books. When I’ve had specific questions I need answered, I’ve reached out to a few skaters I’ve gotten to know over the years.

AWD: I love the fact that both of your series each deals with one couple and their relationship progression through each book. In the Ice spin-off series, it really feels like visiting old friends especially when Emily and Sergei from the first series pops up with their family in Courtney and Josh’s books. Did you originally plan to write a spin-off when you started the first series? 

JC: I didn’t even plan to write more than one book originally! I thought the first book in the Edge series would be my one published book. But readers responded so well to it and wanted to read more about the characters, so I decided to continue with Emily and Sergei’s story. It wasn’t until the third book in the Edge series that I started thinking about telling Courtney’s story.

AWD: Do you have any more couples and stories planned for future Edge or Ice series books? 

JC: Yes! I’m currently working on a standalone spin-off novel which will be focused on Liza as she tries to win Olympic gold in 2014. She’s grown up a lot since the Edge series and will have a romance of her own now!

AWD: Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to become a writer? 

JC: I wrote stories all the time when I was a kid, and even though I didn’t write for many years afterward, I always had these stories in my head. A friend encouraged me to start writing again a few years ago, and I’m so glad she did! I love being able to share my characters and stories with readers and hearing their reactions to them.

AWD: What would you say are the biggest challenges that you face in your books and career? 

JC: My biggest challenge is plotting stories. I’m not a big fan of overdramatic stories, so I struggle with creating realistic yet dramatic turning points in my stories. I usually try to outline the books before I start, but I always have big holes in them. I’ll start writing and then the characters take me places I don’t often expect!

AWD: What has been your most significant achievement as a writer? 

JC: My most significant achievement has been earning devoted readers. There are loyal readers who have been with me since my first book, and I can’t thank them enough for supporting my writing. It’s so cool to know that there are people who look forward to every new release I put out there!

AWD: Is there anything you’d like to say to all your readers out there? 

JC: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspire me to keep going on those tough days when I’m completely blocked. It means so much to know there are people out there enjoying the stories I’ve put so much thought and love into.


Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a die-hard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is traveling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing.

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