Bookish Problems While Moving

Do you ever feel like the world is continuously spinning and you're reaching your hands out to grab onto anything to settle things down enough to get reoriented? 


That's my life right now!

So many things are going on right now. On the heels of the end of selling a house from across the (just a week til the sale is done! WOO HOO!), we are in the midst if another move! Most of my days these past few weeks has been checking out the ads and going to see houses, rinse and repeat. It's left little room for reading and writing has been lessened to a few hours whenever I can sneak away. 

I'm thinking about all the book boxes I have to move and it reminds me of that Facebook reading meme: 

Goodness yes!

Just thinking about all those boxes to move are kinda freakin' me out right about now. It's kinda strange to think back to just a few years when paper books were everything. Now I'm figuring out how many books to get on ebook so I can possibly give my paper books away.

Then I think about actually parting from my books and start getting kinda bummed. It's strange because I love my book collection and I'm looking forward to a place where I can put them on the shelves and have my library.

Sigh. Bookish problem #587...

Anyway, I'm a bit backed up on my reviews (Sorry to folks who have been waiting!) I feel like I need to hire an army to get through my book review stack so if I haven't responded to your book review inquiry or if you are waiting for me to post a review, it may be a bit until I'm settled but I'm trying my hardest to get through them!

For folks waiting on my new works, fear not because I have some goodies in store for you in the next month(s) or so.

Stay Tuned!


JazzFeathers said...

Hey gal, I hear you!
I've never actually moved from my house, but a few years ago I had a complete renovation of the house I live in and had to pack up everything, move it around as the house was restored room by room, then put everything back out.
It was a nightmare!

I feel like you about my books. I love my paperbacks. I love my hardcovers even more... but ebooks of some books really sound alluring ;-)

Rae Lori said...

Hugs to you, Sarah! You feel my pain! :-)

I bet that was a headache moving them around. I'm dreading doing the same with mine. Maybe meeting oneself halfway is best. Keep the hardcovers and paperbacks of the must haves and the "eh, I can let that one go" books move to ebook? Hmmmm...juuuust maybe.....