Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson ~ Book Review ~ A Recommended Read!

After years of pinching pennies and struggling to get through art school, Emma Makie’s hard work finally pays off with the offer of a dream job. But when tragedy strikes, she has no choice but to make a cross-country move to Colorado Springs to take temporary custody of her two nieces. She has no money, no job prospects, and no idea how to be a mother to two little girls, but she isn’t about to let that stop her. Nor is she about to accept the help of Kevin Grantham, her handsome neighbor, who seems to think she’s incapable of doing anything on her own.

Prejudice Meets Pride is the story of a guy who thinks he has it all figured out and a girl who isn’t afraid to show him that he doesn’t. It’s about learning what it means to trust, figuring out how to give and to take, and realizing that not everyone gets to pick the person they fall in love with. Sometimes, love picks them.

~Rae's Review~

Rachael is quickly becoming one of my current go to authors for fun and sweet romance whenever I need my fave channel in a book (you guys know which channel ;-)). In her books I've come across, she always writes likeable and relatable characters that bring the chemistry without focusing on the physical only. As readers of this blog knows, I'm a stickler for Hallmark movies in books and Rachael knows how to nail it! I wouldn't mind seeing this pop up on the channel someday soon. With the romance angle and heroine Emma raising her two young nieces it fits right in with the channel's trademark movies. Even though she clashed with our hero Kevin in the beginning, I couldn't help enjoying their interaction knowing these two were already getting under each other's skins.

Fans of Jane Austen may not see the similarities to her famous book of a similar name but Ms. Anderson does a contemporary and very interesting take on the themes of the original. I loved seeing the switch here which made the book all the more fun to read. Can't wait to read more of the series!