Welcome November! Bring on the NaNoWriMo and some special things for my mailing list members!

Stock Photo 'Beautiful Day in November' by Alfi007

Thanks to everyone who entered this years Spooktacular Giveaway Hop! I would say this was definitely a banner year for visitors and entries! If you entered your email addy into the rafflecopter, you are getting a goody from me as a thanks for entering. I love to give gifties to my visitors and I'm thinking of giving something extra special to my mailing list members, especially my new ones. :-D

November is here! NaNoWriMo has arrived and the creative writing community is all abuzz with new works both fiction and non-fiction related. I love it!

I'll be be a bonafide NaNoRebel this year again! Instead of starting something new, I need to finish up a few things before diving into my new projects. A few are short stories and one is a novel. I have a light outline I'm working with since this is a continuation and not a totally new story in a new world. One of the things that really helped me cross the finish line with Camp NaNo is having a clear goal to my ending and I think that could help me here.

In addition to that, I'll be trying to finish up my books to review in the queue and get some more goodies out for you guys to read. So stay tuned, grab your tea, coffee and cocoa and get ready!

Mailing list is going out in the next few days so if you just joined, you're getting another nice goody from me!

Thanks always for visiting and happy reading and writing to you all!