Rae Lori Author News ~ Fall/Winter 2014

Readers! Welcome to September!

I have a lot of great things in store for everyone waiting for my new releases. This fall and winter will be packed with surprises, announcements, releases and tons of goodies!

First up, if you're into fashion and the Ashen Twilight series, check out the fashion of the Houses over at Katrina a.k.a. Kindred Dreamheart's blog today! Both the lead characters Ariya and Jace are featured as well as their style of choice displayed throughout the series. Enter to win a copy of a book in the series and a gift card for even more books!

More Ashen Twilight goodies will be released in the coming months including some special editions and the final release of the series. If you're a fan itching for some updates and news, here's a sneak peek for an upcoming release.

I wonder what could it be? :-)