Found By You by Victoria Smith ~ Book Review

He’s noticed by everyone…

Griffin Chandler.

He’s captain of our college’s basketball team. I swear to God I’ve already seen him in a Nike ad, and he’s one of the top picks when he goes pro following our spring graduation.

His life is on display for the world. Both his accomplishments and demons there for judgment.

I’m a girl who likes to play roller derby from, of all places, Wisconsin. My own demons better concealed. And one day…

He notices me.

Found by You is a new adult contemporary romance.

I've had Ms. Smith's Spaces New Adult series on my TBR pile which I so need to move up after reading Found By You.

Roxie and Griffin were adorable and I wish their romance side kept up after the first love scene. I loved the scene where he came to watch her play roller derby and invited her to that evening's party. She thought he wasn't interested when he hopped off the bleachers to leave but then returned with a whole group of his friends to support Roxie and her team, complete with a sign re-inviting her to the party. What a guy!

I did like that Ms. Smith included the fact that sponsors essentially bribed players to sway them to play pro on their teams which happens in both basketball and also football from what I've been told by the players in my family. That hit a nice sense of realism that added a layer of tension between Roxie and Griffin when she found out about his past. I didn't blame Roxie for being apprehensive about entering a relationship with him considering how he got around. But his current actions and sweetness swayed me to like him just like Roxie. Missypoo also had some skeletons in her own closet. I was shocked to find out some things she did herself and it kept me reading as it didn't really go with her personality. I was curious to see how the author would mesh her earlier actions (or lack thereof?) with Griffin while exposing herself to strangers. I was glad to see it revisited later but I really wish that aspect of her life wasn't there so as to make her seem hypocritical when she brushes Griffin off for the prostitute incident.

Other than that, my other gripe was the language sprinkled throughout the book, particularly by Griffin. I usually stick with pretty clean reads and I'm glad that the spacing was easy enough to gloss over most of them.

Ms. Smith is a fantastic writer who knows how to pull you into the story with great characterization, a fast paced story and interesting characters. I appreciate her love scenes were more sensual than crude and really brought out the emotion rather than rely on autonomous body parts or x rated language. I'm looking forward to reading more of her work!

This book is for mature audiences only. 18 yrs and up due to language and sexual content.

***I was gifted an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review***