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I've been tagged!

Thanks to fantasy author Michael La Ronn for including me in The Writing Process Blog Tour.

It's been a while since I last posted on a blog tour. I haven't had much time to dive into a new one and I rather enjoyed my last author blog hop. It's a great way to get to know my fellow writers and see what they're up to with writing and other news.

The cool thing about this hop is each author gets to share what they're working on and talk a little bit about what's coming up in their production schedule and what inspires them to keep putting pen to paper. So, I'm excited to share this all with you readers out there.

1) What am I working on? Oh wow, lots! I've kicked up my writing schedule so I'm juggling a few projects not only under my Rae Lori name but also under some other pen names I'm testing out. I'm also editing some previous releases that will come out in the next month or so, working away at the last Ashen Twilight novel and creating some book covers for a few clients on the side. On the roster is a special re-release of Before Dawn Breaks, my recent cover reveal release On the Cut (a romantic suspense action novel), The Comfort of Strangers (which is my return to writing noir suspense, this time with a romantic twist), my first foray into the world of YA, a couple of short stories for magazines and some surprises coming up. ;-)

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My romances tend to be a little different from the norm since I wrote more plot driven stories, coming from a horror, sci-fi and mystery background, and romance is a character driven genre. Still, I like writing the emotion and since my strength lies in the plot, I'm leaning more toward suspenseful and action oriented romances. After an extended break from writing, I'm re-learning how to effectively tell a story and one of my goals is to weave together my strengths of unique plots amplified by the emotions of the characters and situations. One of my upcoming books is the beginning to an action-adventure series featuring a kick butt female protagonist. I'm pretty excited about it and I'm hoping readers really enjoy reading it.

3) Why do I write what I do?
Oh man, once the bug bit me I was a goner! I love writing because there are so many scenarios in my head that I want to explore. It's the 'what if's' and getting inside different character's heads to see how they react that drives my writing. That's why I dance across a few different genres in my writing. I tried to make my writing like others but it only made me frustrated! So I'm beginning to just enjoy what I write and if I get a few readers who enjoy my stories then I have done my job. :-)

4) How does my writing process work?
I'm a total pantser. I love starting a new story and discovering where it's going through the actions and reactions of my characters. Sometimes it starts out with the kernel of an idea that soon turns into a full blown story but I always discover it organically while it's written. I tell my writing students to just get it down on the page and then rework it until it shines and I live by that. Sometimes it pushes my releases back a bit but I want to be completely sure that the book I release is in its best condition it can be that will satisfy readers for the price they get it at. It's an ongoing process and I'm still learning things as I go on but it's a fun journey along the way!

If you enjoyed this tour, hop on the train and keep going to more authors! Next up is Maybe Baby author Kim Golden!

Kim Golden is an American expat writer who moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 1995 for love with a capital "L". By day, she writes copy for a Swedish cosmetics firm. By night, she IR/multicultural women's fiction with romantic elements. She is the author of Snowbound and Maybe Baby.

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Thanks again to Michael for tagging and including me on the tour! If you'd like to check out his work, here's his bio! :-)

Michael La Ronn is a fantasy author who writes Decision Select Novels, which are a modern reimagining of the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks. He also writes traditional novels, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction.

He is a former musician and loves jazz and other obscure genres that no one’s ever heard of. His upcoming book, Festival of Shadows, will be released in June.

Michael lives with his wife in Des Moines, Iowa.

You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.