Remember Me By Michelle N. Onuorah ~ A Recommended Read!

Remember Me by Michelle N. Onuorah

Kristen Tyverson lives the ideal life. Happily married, with three children, she has worked her way to becoming one of the most successful reporters in the country. While reporting on conditions in Afghanistan, she is severely injured during a bombing. For months, she is presumed dead, and her family mourns her passing, unaware that she has survived. When she is found alive, it is revealed that she has no recollection of the past 10 years of her life. Her husband, her children, her career: all a mystery to her. 

Grateful to have his wife back and determined to hold their family together, Mark Tyverson makes it his mission to win his wife’s heart again — regardless of whether she remembers him or not. Remember Me is a story that traces the hard work of piecing back a life torn apart by memory loss. It explores the hardship both the victim faces as well as those around her, robbed of the person they know when she is robbed of the memories she had. Will Kristen, Mark, and their three children be able to rise to the challenge? 

I've had Type N on my shelf  for some time and now I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner because this book was a gem to read! I had a hard time putting it down and was so disappointed every time I had to go do something. That's a great sign for a book making my keeper shelf and this one has earned it! The strength of Remember Me lies in the characters.

I love the way Ms. Onuorah gives each character their own personality which bounces off each other so smoothly. The Tyverson's were such an adorable family! The kids came across precocious yet respectful and never annoying. I enjoyed seeing them come together to help Kristen through her recovery. I also loved how awesome Mark was and how tender, patient and supportive he was of his wife. He reminded me of my own husband and I often found myself reading and stepping into Kristen's situation to empathize with her. Her journey back to her family was one that had me cheering and sometimes I even wondered if she'd get her full memory back. I loved that the story was inspirational and the subject of faith and God fit right into the healing process. I hesitate to call this a mere romance because it was so much more than a romance story. It's a story about falling in love again, finding out what really matters in life and learning to trust. There were a couple of great side stories the author dealt with regarding Caleb reacting to his mother's return, how it affects his schooling and also another story about the death of Mark's mother and the rift between his father that were dealt with in an engaging manner. The characters all felt like living and breathing human beings and a family I wouldn't mind knowing in real life.

The one criticism I have is the narrative style which was slightly confusing due to the head hopping POV and omniscient perspective. The characters and writing were strong enough to suck me in each time and after a while, I embraced it as a style choice from the author.

I appreciated the fact that the author didn't spend too much time on Kristen's life before she went to Afghanistan. It gave this reader a chance to go on the Tyverson's journey back to what life was like before Kristen left. I was cheering for Kristen and many times wondered where the story may take me. Some readers may find the course of actions predictable but those wanting a comforting, inspiring and uplifting read will devour Rememer Me and find themselves revisiting the Tyverson's journey in the future once again.