#GrammoWriMo 2013

Recently I posted about Grammarly and I've been testing them out on my browser. It's kinda cool because when I highlight a word, it gives me the meaning and sometimes a synonym for it. Not bad for a free browser plugin. Now I found out some more cool news about the folks at Grammarly. It looks like they are putting together the largest group of authors to collaborate on a novel. Details are trickling in but from what I read, each author will add about a 500 word section to the novel.

There's a survey on the site to see if the protag should be male or female with a first, second or third person narrative and also some theme ideas we all would write about. I signed up and they are still taking entries for anything who would like to sign up. Each year I try to do NaNoWriMo (even if life sometimes gets in the way), sometimes with a twist (like Rebel Nanos, woo!) and this sounds like it will be a complete blast. If any other writers out there want to give them a try, check out the GrammoWriMo blog entry for all the info and for the sign up form. If anyone joins, please let me know! Maybe we can get a group going on the NaNo site. Don't hesitate to throw me a friend req as well!