Re-Navigating the Writing Waters

Greetings programs!

It feels like I've been out of commission for months! I haven't had a chance to write a personal blog post with the array of contests, giveaways and blog hops flowing through. But now that I have some time, I wanted to write something to slowly help me get back into those cold publishing waters.

First off, apologies to those readers who have been waiting for new goodies to be released. I was juggling everything and eventually some balls dropped out of my hands and I fell head over heels into wedding planning and then wedding itself. After months of agonizing, it was the best day of my life with friends and family and even folks we didn't know who showed up! Turns out, my father-in-law invited some folks from the beach to share our day with us. We got to party with people from all over the world and even some who came from seminar on love and openness. Our vows inspired them and we even got great compliments on how natural we are together. It was an unexpected but beautiful surprise. I wish I had gotten their info to send them thanks!

It reminded me of how surprises can come from anywhere. I started this blog in 2006 and entered the professional publishing arena around the same time. Each day I would read publishing news and study the industry and noticed the oncoming ebook changes back then. I thought I had everything pegged, I knew the formula for a successful book that readers would enjoy and I would keep this up consistently. When things changed in the industry and when I received bad not so happy reviews, I got discouraged and confused. Taking a step back was definitely what I needed and in the process of wedding planning, I thought the wedding would be a disaster since nothing I planned in the beginning was coming to fruition.

The fact that the day turned out better than I expected with some wonderful surprises was a lesson for me. I may not be able to predict what will happen and I may not be able to hit one out of the park every time I release but there will always be those surprises that pop up unsuspectingly. Like a new reader that has discovered my work from a previous reader of mine. A new fan that gloms my backlist and waits for more. I'm no Nora R. by any stretch but the readers that I do have, I'm grateful for and I continue to write for you guys.

I have 3 releases coming up in the next week or so, including a book bundle. After that I want to focus on finishing the last book in my popular paranormal/contemp fantasy romance series (you know which one ;-)) and I want to finish a very fun romantic suspense novel that has been begging for attention on my hard drive and a contemporary romance that will hopefully be a fun summer read for my fans.

2013 is a year of changes for me and although I'm currently not settled in a place I can call home yet (that has been an adventure in itself), the writing waters are calling me and I'm diving in to answer!