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UFOs and Paranormal Activity
--or the “U” in UFOs


Liz Gruder

One summer evening when I was about nine, I saw a group of UFOs.  I’d been riding bikes with my best friend Connie.  At the street corner we stopped. In the sky was a group of white lights. Strangely, they pulsated and then expanded in diameter. The hairs on my arms rose as I asked, “Why are there so many full moons in the sky?”  We knew full well these weren’t moons. This was something else. While in awe, we were simultaneously terrified as the glowing moons hovered above us.

Humans try to categorize things and make sense of what we experience based on previous experience. So calling them “full moons” was the only thing, in my limited experience, that could categorize this sighting.

Connie was impressed with the sighting too. In school, she made a copper plate depiction of us playing “ball” with the lights in the sky. She still has it.

Connie and I know that UFOs exist—because we’ve seen them. But remember that the “U” stands for “Unidentified,” for many sightings later turn out to be a satellite, aircraft, balloon or even birds. The “U” simply means we can’t identify exactly what it is we’re seeing. YouTube is filled with sightings—real and hoaxed.

Shortly after our sighting, I remember Connie and her sister telling me they were scared because they saw these little ghostly creatures emerging out of their closet. At sleepovers, I’d hold the blanket up to my nose, staring at the closet. I never saw anything come out of Connie’s closet, but later I saw my own ghost.

She stood at the foot of my bed, dressed in an old fashioned, floor-length dress. She had dark eyes and had her hands outstretched toward me. When I sat up and saw her filmy appearance and that her eyes were fixed on ME, I screamed. Sorry, not a ghostbuster, especially not at that age. The ghost visited two more times. And two more times, I screamed.

Recently, I quizzed my family. They remember me screaming and saying I’d seen a ghost. Connie remembers seeing the UFOs. So something happened, but what?

While researching Starseed, a story about a sixteen-year-old girl who is half human and half extraterrestrial, I did a lot of research on UFOs and aliens. I didn’t want to make up stuff on aliens … I wanted it to be as authentic as the UFOs I’d seen.

The odd thing is that many people who’ve had UFO sightings say that afterward, there’s a spike in paranormal activity.
In my research I discovered that aliens are masters of mind control and can manipulate perception and memory. I used this fringe science research in Starseed.

The aliens quietly invading a high school use these mind tactics on their fellow students and teachers. When Jordyn, a hybrid raised far from Earth falls for Kaila wants to spend time with her and they’re late to class, he makes the teacher believe Kaila fell and hurt her knee. The teacher sees a bruise when no other students can. This is called a “mind screen.”
In the years since I saw that ghost, I wondered: What was she? What did she want? Why did she appear to me three times?

Creepily, in my research, when I considered “mind screens” I wondered if the ghost I saw was a true perception. So I injected that “creep factor” into Starseed. For when Kaila falls in love with Jordyn and becomes more disgusted with the cruelty she endures by the human high school students, she scorns the human race and “defects” to the aliens. But Kaila is asked to prove her allegiance. She is asked to aide in student abductions, including her best friends.  When her friends sit up in bed at night during a “visitation,” what do they see at the foot of their bed?

Not an alien, but a ghost.

Then the mind control sets in of paralyzing the girls and later, subsequent memory loss of what really happened.
In Starseed, you get to see what really happened, because it’s told through the point of view of the alien.

To this day, I watch the skies and see amazing sights. I’ve seen lights that move slowly, stop and then make a right angle turn. What are they? Not weather balloons. Not satellites. Those lights, whatever they are, are still classified as the great “U” --“Unidentified.”

Still, through science fiction we can experience all sorts of physics and speculations. In fiction we try to make sense of this mysterious world we live in.

--Liz Gruder


Starseed (available in print and eBook)
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Starseed concerns a sixteen-year-old girl who falls in love with a starseed boy who reveals that she, too, is half extraterrestrial, and is forced to choose her allegiance between Earth or her star family.

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