Read An Ebook Week ~ March 3-9th!

It's that wonderful time again where we celebrate the digital word!

Wow have we come a long way from the start of this event! Rita Toews, the founder, has been right there from the start touting the digital frontier. Every year she has gathered authors, publishers and vendors for discounts, free reads and special giveaways to spread the word about ebooks. As I look back at just a few months ago with the rise of digital readers, books on phones and tablets among other devices, I can't help but feel like we've crossed a threshold. Being an author who has seen the industry go from strictly paper submissions to now accepting email submissions (and I'm talking the big publishers who never, ever considered e-reads), it's been an incredible boon for the publishing industry and especially for authors.

I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful annual event. This year, while I'm grinding my gears to get my readers some new goodies, I'm offering a half off discount for the Ashen Twilight Series over at Smashwords. Discounts and links are available at my website.

Speaking of work, I know I have been pretty silent on the update front. Between individual projects, a personal life that is currently taking a big giant next step into the next phase (wedding bells), and of course juggling different writing projects, it's been even more chaotic than usual! I'm currently working on a few books that I plan to have released in the coming months. Thanks to all my readers for their lovely patience and emails about the next in my series books. Inheritance of Ashes is still in progress as I want to make sure I get everything down on the page to round out all the loose ends the first two books have opened up. Some story nuggets are floating around my brain that may give away to a few continuing stories that will most likely be a spin-off if they lead to anything. For now, I will say that many of the questions will be answered (and some more may be raised). Judging from the previous poll, I'll be releasing some more excerpts to those who are interested in reading.

I have some more stories that will be coming up, including a reworked romantic suspense noir that many of my readers loved in its previous script format. Now it will be a complete novel (woo hoo). Cover reveal to come soon!

Also in the works is the next installment to the Cimmerian Series which will finish up that duology. Also in progress is a very fun book I can't wait to release: a fast paced action adventure novel featuring a dark assassin hero and a whip smart, professional CEO heroine in the midst of a very timely story about corporate takeovers, hits and intrigue. I'm 1/3rd of the way through this one and I can't wait to get to the end to present all the twists and turns throughout the story. As I get towards the finish line, I'll reveal more but if you enjoyed my Before Dawn Breaks book, this new release will bring me back to my suspense roots. ;-) I don't like to reveal too much about my stories in progress because I believe in the element of surprise and as a writer, the story can always change based on how the characters are feeling that day!

In any event, stay tuned!