TRR Promo Opp: Romance Madness Hop in January 2013

I LOVE a good hop! I can't seem to pass up a good one because I always have some great books to showcase and give away and I always discover new reads from the hopper hosts on the list with me. This one is a little different than my usual hop. The Romance Reviews is showcasing a Romance Madness hop in January which will put the spotlight on great romance books on the list. For my fellow blogger fans of romance who would like to join, here is the info:

Love Romances? Join the madness from January 25 to 29, 2013! The Romance Reviews is organizing a Romance Madness Hop. Meet like-minded readers, get new followers! All while we talk about books that we love. There are two ways to join: 1. Join the blog hop! 2. Purchase an ad for January or February. Email carole @ (take away the spaces) for more information on this option.

Requirements to join the hop: 1. You must be blogging about romance for at least 6 months. 2. You must have at least 30 followers. If you satisfy the hop requirements, fill in the form below. Please help us spread the word by blogging about this. Poster to come soon! Deadline to register: January 20, 2013 Some Hop details: (to be finalized) 1. In your Romance Madness hop post, you should showcase one romance book. Tell us why you love this book! 2. You should provide at least one giveaway for the commenters on your blog/site. At the end of the hop, you should pick your own winner from your commenters.
3. TRR will provide 3 grand prizes! All bloggers and commenters are eligible to vie for the prize. More details to come, and these will be sent to you via email, so please make sure your email address is valid and correct. If you have any questions, send an email to carole @ (take away the spaces). Thanks!

For more information visit:

And don't forget to visit this blog for the Romance Madness Hop starting January 25th where I will be sharing and giving away my romance pick!

See you then!