It's raining books!

I bet Amazon loves seeing me land on its site. They know I won't leave empty handed. I can't stop buying books, especially from my favorite publishers who have weekly releases. In addition to my subscription to Pixel of Ink (thank you, TPG!) I also receive ARCs for review and for my author spotlights. That's a lot of books. I'm surprised my Nook hasn't retaliated from bloating as of yet. But thankfully I still have a few gigs of storage left (yay, more books!).

I gotta say, I love me some Pixel of Ink. It kind of reminds me of the days long ago where my family and I would take weekly (monthly?) trips to the bookstore and we'd disperse at the gates to go to our respective sections. There wasn't any Amazon, nor were there reviews for us genre folk. We just relied on the blurb, the cover and the writing. Sometimes we'd find gems, other times we'd find books we didn't care for but it was always like an adventure trying to find out what new selections were available.

Ever since I became a publisher and then strictly an author, things changed as you had to keep up with your peers in your genre group (and whatever you wanted to write for) and what other books were available, from what publishers, what they were about and so on. Thus the reader in me was bummed for lack of a surprise.

Now with the new wild wild west of publishing, I get that feeling back with all the wonderful different stories that are unleashed into the world without the constraints of agents or corporate publishers pushing one kind of story. It's exhilarating and in the past week alone, I've come across so many wonderful reads that I wish I can dive into them all at once. Who knows, depending on how ambitious I feel, I just may hehehe.

Here are some books I added to my shelf recently! :-D

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Miss Mahana said...

How to Fail and Grace Doll seem right up my alley, I'll have to add those to my list as well. I hope all is going well with you.

Rae Lori said...

Hey you! Good to see ya around again. :-)

Hope you enjoy the reads! More coming on the list as I went through another spree recently lol.

Hope you are hanging in there okay btw. :-)