New Inkspell Cover Reveal! Colonization

Inkspell has another wonderful cover reveal for us and this one is a special SFR YA book! Woot!

I remember Aubrie's books from Entangled, another one of my fave publishers, so I'm jazzed to see she has a new one coming out with Inkspell as well!

The blurb goes a little something like this:

Finding a new home has never been so dangerous.
Andromeda has spent all seventeen years of her life aboard a deep space transport vessel destined for a paradise planet. Her safe cocoon is about to break open as Paradise 21 looms only one month away, and she must take the aptitude tests to determine her role on the new world and her computer assigned lifemate. As a great-granddaughter of the Commander of the ship, she wants to live up to her family name. But, her forbidden love for her childhood friend, Sirius, distracts her and she fails the tests. The results place her in a menial role in the new colony and pair her with Corvus, “the oaf”.

But when Andromeda steps foot on Paradise 21, her predestined future is the least of her worries. Alien ghosts from a failed colonization warn her of a deadly threat to her colony. And when Sirius's ship crashes on the far ridge in an attempt to investigate, she journeys to rescue him with Corvus.

Andromeda now must convince the authorities of the imminent danger to protect her new home. What she didn't expect was a battle of her own feelings for Sirius and Corvus.

Can she save the colony and discover her true love?

Release Date: November 7th, 2012

About the Author

Aubrie Dionne writes science fiction fantasy with romantic elements. Her writings have appeared in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, Emerald Tales, Hazard Cat, Moon Drenched Fables, A Fly in Amber, and Aurora Wolf. Her books are published by Inkspell Publishing, Entangled Publishing, Lyrical Press, and Gypsy Shadow Publishing. She’s also a professional flutist in New England.

Twitter: @authoraubrie

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Saga: Action/Adventure SFR Coming up This October in GN Format

How jazzed was I to see an awesome futuristic fantasy space action with a love story featuring interracial characters from a reknown groundbreaking comic writer? So jazzed I yelled at my computer after finding out it wasn't even out yet! Then I saw that some issues were available in comic book format and then I commenced to being jazzed once again. ;-)

Y: The Last Man & Runaways writer Brian K. Vaughan has a new series out called Saga which already sounds and looks epic with it's story and artwork. Here are the two awesome covers one for the comic (left) and the upcoming one for the graphic novel collection (right):

The blurb goes a little something like this: When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. From New York Times bestselling writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina) and critically acclaimed artist Fiona Staples (Mystery Society, North 40), Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in this sexy, subversive drama for adults.

This specially priced volume collects the first six issues of the smash-hit series The Onion A.V. Club calls "the emotional epic Hollywood wishes it could make."

I'm going to try to get my hands on the comic because October is just too far away for me to wait. If I dig it, I'll post a review here with a recommend.

The newest issue #6 comes out August 15th. Here is the cover:

Cover Reveal: The Star Child

One of the things I love about books is their covers. As an artist, I love the composition, colors and the way it all comes together with a title that will tell me exactly what I'm getting between the pages. When a cover matches what's on the inside, even better for giving me a satisfying read!

Inkspell Publishing, a publisher that has been on my map since its opening, has revealed what's coming up on their roster. As a fan, I'm happy to reveal the awesome cover for their September 21st release The Star Child.

The world is about to be cloaked in darkness. 
Only one can stop the night.

Kellen St. James has spent his entire life being overlooked as an unwanted, ordinary, slightly geeky kid. That is until a beautiful girl, one who has haunted his dreams for the past eleven years of his life, shows up spinning tales of a prophecy. Not just any old prophecy either, but one in which Kellen plays a key role.

Suddenly, Kellen finds himself on the run through a Celtic underworld of faeries and demons, angels and gods, not to mention a really ticked off pack of hellhounds, all in order to save the world from darkness. But will they make it in time?

Release Date: September 21, 2012

About The Author:

Stephanie Keyes was born in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania and has worked for the past twelve years as a corporate educator and curriculum designer in the Telecommunications industry. She holds a Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Instructional Technology from Duquesne University and a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Robert Morris University. She is a classically trained clarinetist, but also plays the saxophone and sings. When she's not writing, she is a wife to a wonderfully supportive husband and mother to two little boys whom she cites as her inspiration for all things writing. The Star Child is Mrs. Keyes' debut novel.

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