Settling Back in & A New Phantom Fan

Well, after a pretty rough move and a weird bout of the flu (after not being sick for months), things are finally settling down enough for me to get back to blogging, reading and all sorts of other goodies.

Before the move, I had planned to write a blog post about change. There's something bittersweet about moving from the place where you have spent the last 10 years. I got used to my desk against the window looking to the backyard and I got into the routine of writing there whether writing way early in the morning or way late at night. I loved the quiet sounds of the city streets outside and the quiet chirp of crickets and birds. Now in a new location with many more neighbors than I had before (some who love to argue and slam doors lol), it's time to reacquaint myself with a new least until I move again.

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Speaking of change, while I was away I didn't realize how much had changed! Blogger has a whole new (and confusing) layout. Goodreads has a whole new layout (and love affair with Facebook). And Facebook forced it's timeline on me (grrr). Thanks goodness for mobile editions!

Before I left, I also wanted to write a gushy love post about the Phantom of the Opera play. I had heard about the play a long time ago because my mom is a huge fan of going to plays in New York (she loved Cats). I wasn't too much into it being a Californian and only having gone to one play when I was younger. I did manage to see the movie sometime back and I loved the set designs, the music and the story. I kept hearing about how much better the play was with more emotion and impact than the movie. It wasn't until I was moving and had a chance to check out the 25th anniversary of the play at the Royal Albert Hall on PBS when I fell in complete love with the broadway musical.

Let me tell you, I previously loved Gerard Butler's Phantom but Ramin Karimloo's Phantom made me want to hop through my television set, kick Christine out of the picture and run away with him on the streets of Paris. He was AMAZING with a gorgeous voice and so much raw, sexy emotion. Despite kicking her to the side for the Phantom the gorgeous Sierra Boggess was an awesome Christine with an amazingly hypnotic voice. The height of the play where they sang the theme song was filled with such romance and emotion. I also fell in love with the Music of the Night from Ramin's emotionally raw and sexy voice. I had to grab the soundtrack after to relive the experience over and over again. I simply fell in love with the production!

At the end, Webber brought out Sarah Brightman, the original Christine, and the 5 Phantoms (including the original Phantom, Michael Crawford) who had played throughout the years on stage. It was breathtaking. If I was in the audience, I would have definitely joined the viewers in a standing ovation. SO much emotion and sexiness (I love when the Phantom urges Christine to sing for him. Such a hot scene!)

Check it out:

I still couldn't get The Phantom of the Opera out of my head and I was curious about the continuing story. Thankfully I stumbled upon Love Never Dies, Webber's 2010 sequel to the Phantom. I was bummed to find out Ramin and Sierra weren't showcased in the DVD version. It would have been awesome to see them continue the story but I enjoyed seeing the new cast members bring Christine and the Phantom life, with a little something extra in the storyline. It turned out to be a tragedy but the emotion was so powerful, I couldn't help seeing it many times after that first time.

Naturally I had to hunt down some Phantom stories in literary format. I came across these goodies (based on recs and reviews) which I quickly added to my TBR Pile:

And, of course, I couldn't leave out the original Phantom of the Opera novel by Gaston Leroux which was much less romantic and more edgy than the plays present.

One thing is for sure: I'm a new die hard Phantom fan!

As for the blog, hopefully I can get things updated on a regular basis from now on whilst posting some works here on the blog. It's been ages since I posted new work so I think it would be a great treat for my readers out there who have been hanging on for something new from me.

Hope everyone is having a great spring into summer so far!

I leave you with my fave scene from Love Never Dies. When Christine finds out the Phantom has survived the fire and has been living in NY all along (and is also her benefactor for bringing her there, hee hee).


Savannah Chase said...

I hope you are feeling better....It is great to read an update...I'm a huge Phantom fan and have always wanted to see it live. Recently they were airing a special anniversary show on TV and I loved it...It makes me want to see it live so much more..

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Sav! Good to hear from ya!

So cool you are a fellow Phantom fan. I so agree about the special anniversary show. I just happened to see that and decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did because it was an awesome show. I really wish I could see it live myself. Especially with Ramin and Sierra in the leads!