New Blog Hop! Woo!

Hey folks!

In the midst of my upcoming projects, I've added another:

The SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop!

On June 22, I'm joining a great roster of authors including: Kaye Manro, Pippa Jay, Misa Buckley, Kayelle Allen, Diane Dooley, Pauline Baird Jones, Melisse Aires, Ella Drake, Jaleta Clegg and A. R. Norris to name a few.

I'll be showcasing A Feast of Shadows and a host of other goodies for my readers and folks who visit the blog. Don't forget to drop by here and then hop on over to the other great blogs!

More info to come soon. :-)

Settling Back in & A New Phantom Fan

Well, after a pretty rough move and a weird bout of the flu (after not being sick for months), things are finally settling down enough for me to get back to blogging, reading and all sorts of other goodies.

Before the move, I had planned to write a blog post about change. There's something bittersweet about moving from the place where you have spent the last 10 years. I got used to my desk against the window looking to the backyard and I got into the routine of writing there whether writing way early in the morning or way late at night. I loved the quiet sounds of the city streets outside and the quiet chirp of crickets and birds. Now in a new location with many more neighbors than I had before (some who love to argue and slam doors lol), it's time to reacquaint myself with a new least until I move again.

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