Updates in the Fire

Now that things have relatively settled down in my sector of the world, I'm back trying to update my site and blogger. I'm working on a new design for the blog but it's taking a bit to get things organized as I don't want it as cluttered as it is on this one. I'm sectioning off the reader portion from the author and listing books that will be available and coming soon. It takes a bit of wrangling with the coding but I'm working through it slowly but surely.

If you've tried to sign up on my newsletter last month, you may have noticed a bit of wonkiness going on. I was trying out a new newsletter program but unfortunately it didn't go as smooth as I hoped (eek) so I'm back on Google Docs which works much easier. I'll just be sending out the newsletter via the new software soon, so we shall see how that goes!


Savannah Chase said...

Good to hear that things have settled and you are getting back on track.