New Challenge! 2012 E-Book Challenge

In honor of Read An E-Book Week, I've gone and stumbled upon another book reading challenge. You know me, book challenges for me are like shoes to some women. Just can't get enough and you need one for every occasion. ;-)

As an ebook fan, I just couldn't help myself this time around, so I hopped over and joined the:

I'm going to play this one safe and go with -- DVD - 25 ebooks for my personal challenge. The challenge runs from January 1st - December 31st 2012 and I already have a few finished so far. On the count is:

Great reads! One of which was already reviewed here in the last post and the next two are up on the roster as a special dual review to welcome a new and exciting publisher in in the blogosphere.

Next up on the e-reader:

For those who want to sign up (and just in time for Read An E-Book Week), mosey on over here:


Savannah Chase said...

I've been slowly trying to catch up on reading..I wish I had more time to read...

Rae Lori said...

Me too, Sav. I used to be a really fast reader back in the day but I'm slow as molasses with everything going on right now.

Hope you are hanging in there okay btw. It's great to hear from ya. :-D