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Geek Love by Mechele Armstong ~ Book Review

Geek Love by Mechele Armstrong ~ 4/5 Stars!

Now available from Liquid Silver Books and other online stores

As a returner gamer girl currently dating a gamer guy, I had to grab this book and I was definitely not disappointed! The story takes place around a sci-fi convention (which made it all the more interesting for me) and is littered with geeky references from Star Wars to superheroes, Firefly, gaming and much more. For those who aren't heavily into geek or sci-fi culture, the author makes a sidenote of each reference so no one will be left behind.

I loved seeing how the characters interacted and the jokes they made between each other. The story would have made a great YA book (I hope the author decides to write a version for the YA crowd) but the constant references to the hero's arousal when around the heroine and the explicit sex scenes jolt this up to adult territory. I liked that the scenes weren't over the top in your face but got the point across.