TBR Featured Author: Me!

The blog TBR has me as their Featured Author today! If you are new to my works and want to see what's available in my backlist and newly available books, drop on by to see the cover work and links to learn more about the reads.

I'm currently busy writing and catching up on my long list of reads so I won't be online as much as I usually am. Don't panic! I'm still alive. ;-)

P.S. Thanks so much to Empi Baryeh for the awesome Versatile Blogger Award! I have so much fun sharing news about my words along with my thoughts about the industry while discovering new authors and books here. It's always great to see the new faces who follow me for the news and for all the shout outs by folks who enjoy the content here.

Hopefully the next time I log into here I will have some great reviews and book recs for you guys. I'm juggling a few at a time and can definitely say that one book I had been looking forward to has met my expectations!

Stay tuned! ;-)