It's 2012 - Let the reading challenges begin!

Hello 2012!

I took a much needed vacation away from work and now am getting reacquainted with writing, artwork and more. Hello old friends!

My pens are inked, my notebook pages are stacked and my library has strangely grown in the past few days with all the book sales running rampant on the web. I'm trying to be good and not buy new books. Instead I want to read the ones I have in the mean time. What better way to cut through the stack than with book challenges! Woo hoo!

I updated the ones I joined last year, which you can see on the sidebar there. This year I hope to read many more books and reach my reading goals (hello again, my friend Goodreads)!

So here we go! To kick us off, let's begin with:

TBR Challenge 2012
Category romance - January 18 Review Date

2012 Muti-Cultural Book Challenge Book #1

2012 SFR Reading Challenge - Book #1
 To be Released January 10th, 2012