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The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour ~ Author Marie Harbon

Day 4 brings us our last special treat of the day! Marie Harbon, author of the recent YA spec fic novel, drops by to share a bit of how she would handle The Day the Sun Stopped Shining. 

Author Marie Harbon
You wake up one morning and there is no daylight – it is pitch dark outside, not even electricity… Something happened to turn out all the light and there are strange noises outside…

Nothing had changed since yesterday; I was still isolated from my comrades, the door was still firmly closed and it was still pitch black. It surprised me that despite the lack of electricity, the door hadn’t released so I surmised that there must be a back up source of power somewhere feeding the controller of my new prison cell.
It was disorientating being shut off from society, enclosed in a sensory deprivation environment… maybe it was being done deliberately. When the power had inexplicably died several hours ago, my comrades had been on the other side. Then an alarm had sounded and the door had swung shut, the electronic locks clicking in an indication of my impending doom.

But what I had heard on the other side of the door truly chilled me to the bone… people screaming, real torturous shrieks like some grisly apocalyptic scene. Then silence, and that was the worst part of all. I now felt isolated because I was either separated from my comrades in life and death, or through distance.

That silence had now given away to some strange shuffling and scraping sounds coming from the other side of the door. There had to be at least one person out there, anyone… I couldn’t bear the isolation. Without hesitation, I began banging on the door to draw their attention but then the shuffling and scraping stopped. I called out but there was just silence.

This wasn’t working. I had to make sense of what was going on, so I pictured what I could remember of the room’s interior… entrances and exits. The point of entry we used was above and to the left, I think; my sense of direction was completely lost in the pitch black. This heist certainly wasn’t going to plan.

If the world really was ending, what 3 things would you do?
  1. Make sure I was surrounded by my family and friends, so that if we go down, we go down together.
  2. Reflect on the good times and the greatest things I’d achieved throughout my life.
  3. Along with my friends and family, I’d take a boat and lay claim to an island somewhere, away from the hysterical and looting population. (It’s ending, but not completely finished!).
Marie Harbon is an author and screenplay writer who lives in Nottingham, UK. Her first and current novel is the first in a five part paranormal/science fiction epic called ‘Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle’, which is available on the Kindle for $0.99 and in paperback for $18.00.

Follow me on Twitter @marieharbon

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Many thanks, Rae for welcoming me to your site.

Thanks for dropping by Marie! ~ AWD


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