The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour ~ The Twilight Zone Legacy + Blog Contest

The Twilight Zone

I can't remember the day I saw my first Twilight Zone episode. I do know that ever since then, I haven't been able to pass by a marathon or an episode without giving it a peek. Anyone who has chatted with me about my favorite genre shows knows I'm a huge T-Zone fan.

Ever year I tune into the annual Twilight Zone New Year's marathon (and this year there was a special treat of having a classic Outer Limits marathon on Christmas Day woo hoo!) with my sparkling cider and kick up my feet to watch some of my fave episodes. This year we also have the TDtSSS Blog Tour so what better way to chat genre fiction than to write about my favorite series and episodes?

Creator Rod Serling changed the face of television and inspired me greatly with his anthology that touched on the entire spectrum of humanity. While exploring everything from innocent lost and gain to nostalgia, fear and never-ending love, greed and absence, he enterained us, frightened us and enlightened us--sometimes all at once.

This year I want to celebrate Twilight Zone and speculative fiction by naming my top five Twilight Zone episodes.

1) The Shelter -Impending invasion brings out the worst in neighbors

2) The Monsters are Due on Maple Street - Aliens invade and paranoia grows between neighbors

3) The Living Doll - Talky Tina reigns terror on Kojak

4) To Serve Man - It's a cookbook!

5) The Bewitchin' Pool - Children of an abusive couple going through a divorce escapes through the pool and to an awesome land of happy kids and ginormous cake.

I'd also like to invite visitors to enter a special end of the tour contest where you can win a ebook of Cimmerian City, my most recent release, and an ebook of A Kiss of Ashen Twilight, the first in my Ashen Twilight Series. Alls you have to do is post a comment about your fave Twilight Zone memories and episodes or if you haven't seen the series, post a comment about how you know about it!

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Let the TZone love begin and don't forget to check out the Sci-Fi Channel's (sorry, I just can't bring myself to post it the new way cause it's too weird!) New Years Day Marathon!