Six Sentence Sunday - Inheritance of Ashes

A big mondo update is coming up from some works I have in progress. One of which is Inheritance of Ashes, third book in the Ashen Twilight House. More on in the next post but for now, enjoy this snippet of the book to celebrate Six Sentence Sunday!

In the third book, Alexandru Drago takes up the reins to bring down the Ashen Twilight House on his own. In A Kiss of Ashen Twilight we were introduced to the origins of the House of Blood, the Nightwalkers centering around the Archane home. In Within the Shadows of Mortals we got to know the Hammond Clan and the origins of the House of Lycan. Now, Inheritance of Ashes will reveal the history of the mysterious House of Shifter Elves, their origins and their enigmatic leader.

This is a conversation between Alexandru and a main character whose true identity is unmasked in this installment.

“You do realize once you exit that door, you will be declaring war on me. Not only will I come after every one of the members of the Ashen Twilight House—and their loved ones, of course—I will come after those delicate, little mortals you value so much. My undead soldiers will rip through them like rice paper. In the end, it will only be us immortal creatures on a dying planet. Do you really want that, Takashi? Do you really want that on your head?”

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