October is the month for Vampires...

At the Broad Universe, that is!

This month, we're featuring vampires in two editions of the BU podcast.

First up is the Broad Pod!

Join hostess, Trish Wooldridge of A Novel Friend Writing & Editing, as she and the Broads celebrate what many genre writers--not even just horror!--feel is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

The episode opens with E.F. Watkins sharing her story of a violent act that is not quite what it seems. Then, Rae Lori's excerpt involves a power struggle for the role of Regent in a nightwalker clan. Gail Z. Martin brings us into an epic battle with the undead. Finally, Jaleta Clegg finishes the episode with musings on vampire survival related to problematic food supply.

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For now, please enjoy our display of why the claims of vampire demise… have been greatly exaggerated.

Coming up is the Broadly Speaking podcast where we will be discussing Vampires, the changing genre and the future of the genre on October 31st!