Now Available! The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels: Volume 1

The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels: Volume 1 is now available from Dragon Moon Press! I'm proud to be among some awesome writers in compiling this great guide for authors and aspiring authors. My goal is to help writers via my blog, articles, classes and workshops as others have helped me so I'm very proud to be apart of this effort

From the blurb:

Friendly. Useful. Current. 

Written by a collection of well-known authors for new authors, The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels: Volume 1 covers a wide range of topics necessary for building your first paranormal novel. Paranormal novels are found in all sections of the fiction bookstore. One of the most prevalent forms of fantasy masquerading as romances, mysteries, general fiction and urban fantasy, this guide has tips and topics specific to writing a
variety of paranormal novels.

With chapters on:

Angels & Benevolent Spirits -
Shannah Bodine

Yes, Virginia, There Are Ghosts –
Linda Madl

Fae, Fey, Faery, Fairy – A Quick Glance into the Abyss –
Sheri L. McGathy

A Map to the Charted "Unknown": An Author's Look at ESP -
Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Love, Romance and Writing the Naughty Bits -
Rosemary Laurey

'Tis a Mystery –
Lee Killough

World Building: Bringing the Impossible to Life -
Rae Lori

Breadcrumbs & Signposts: Determining the Path of Your Novel –
Tina Morgan

Professional Polishing without Paying a Professional: Editing and Critiques–
Karina Fabian

How to Win Agents and Influence Editors -
Elizabeth Burton

Dropped Eyes and Unattached Tentacles: Common & Uncommon Writing Errors -
Jane Toombs

This guide will provide a solid path to completing that first novel by offering detailed help and reference material to get you writing.

Now available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Also available at other online bookstores!