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Welcome to my corner of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour!

Grab some cocoa and pull up a chair because I'm offering some fun free reads, a book giveaway and some fun discussion. :-D

Although I don't celebrate Halloween, I do enjoy a great paranormal novel. Since I was a teen, I've been into vampires (I was a Rice girl ;-)) and since then I've been hooked on vampires, werewolves, fae and other creatures. I ate up shows like Scariest Places on Earth (Zelda Rubenstein's voice alone gave me chills) and loved the paranormal invasion of the 80s & 90s when shows like Forever Knight, Friday the 13th the series, Wolf Lake, Dresden Files, Kindred: The Embraced, Blood Ties, Moonlight et al hit the air waves. I also enjoyed the Universal monster movies of the 30s namely Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf & the Mummy made their appearances. Thanks to TCM, and stations like The Travel Channel, I check in each October to see what creepy offerings will be shown for the month. (Classic movie fans should check out the classic horror movies shown every Monday on TCM!) There was something about watching an otherworldly creature surviving, loving (and sometimes just plain ole terrorizing) in a human world that made the commentary on humanity all the more interesting.

Today we have much stronger stories with more 'realistic' monsters but I will always have a certain fondness for the black and white classics.

I always cite psychological horror as my favorite type of the genre. Sometimes called 'dark suspense' these stories focus on the internal fear of the character. It's more personal and relies on challenging the viewer/reader/listener to tap into their imaginations and personal fears based on what they are experiencing. Tapping into my love for audio books, I dug up some old time radio shows I heard as a kid. Thanks to Second Life, many of these shows got a second life with a new generation of listeners sitting around a campfire on a cold, windy night. There's just something about the theatre of the mind that really resonates with us.

Take a listen to the OTR show 'The Creaking Door'

I love the vivid human imagination. The sound of a door opening, footsteps or the howl of a wind can really take a story to new heights based on what the sounds could or could not be. Not to mention the origins of said sound! The stories, movies, tv shows and video games (like Silent Hill) that exelled in really creeping me out were the ones that gave me a little bit and let me run away with 'the unknown'. Sometimes that is much more effective than being showing every bit of gory detail!

Nevertheless, the horror genre, no matter the subgenre, has made a resurgence in books thanks to digital publishing. New readers are waiting to be scared out of their wits and a new voice of authors are eager to share their stories.

What about you all? What are your favorite tv shows, movies and books in the horror genre? Do you have a favorite subgenre?

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Penelope Crowe said...

Love The Creaking Door--thanks! penelopecrowe@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

Awesome, we're very like-minded. I love psychological/thrill horror and am a former Rice devotee. LOVED the Witching Hour and most of the Vampire Chronicles. I have an autographed photo of Anne on my office wall. As for horror TV, I'm loving American Horror Story because haunted houses are my favorite.

KCarey said...

Hey, sounds pretty interesting. I didn't see where to follow you on FB or Twitter... But I would like to.

Rae Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by Penelope! It's a great series! I love the narrator's voice. :-D

Rae Lori said...

Hi Belinda! How cool! Great to meet a fellow fan of psych horror and Rice. That's pretty cool you got an autographed photo of her. I bet she was great to see in person. :-D

I haven't seen American Horror Story yet but I will have to track it down. I'm surprised it's not on the Travel Channel's creepy Friday lineup!

Rae Lori said...

Thanks KCarey!

Eep! That's my fault. I will add the links up there now but for convenience here they are:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RaeLori

I usually follow back on Twitter so I can see what everyone is up to, hehe. Hope to see ya there and thanks for stopping by!

Red Tash said...

So, no Halloween? How do you fill your candy bucket for the year? Can you tell I'm horrified? LOL, totally kiddin'.

Nice to meet ya. I'm a Rice fan & sucked in by American Horror. That & Walking Dead really surprised me. I'm so hooked.

See ya 'round the Hop!

Rae Lori said...

Hey hey Red!

Ooh, that's what secret stashes are for hehe. In fact, my candy corn drawer is looking a might empty about now lol.

Nice to meet ya as well! I bet Anne Rice inspired a lot of us. She wrote such great books and I recently went back to read Interview. Wow, still as awesome as the first time I read it. I really have to check out this American Horror after the buzz. :-D

See at the hop and thanks for popping by!

J.C. Martin said...

Psychological horror for the win, every time! Slasher horror never does it for me.

My favourite horror films are The Ring, The Eye, and The Grudge -- but the original Japanese versions, not the Hollywood ones. They just leave me looking over my shoulders.

As a child, I enjoyed the True Singapore Ghost Stories series of short horror stories. I also like the classics like Dracula and Frankenstein, and of course, the horror man himself, Stephen King.

Coffin Hopper

Read my Coffin Hop post HERE

Rae Lori said...

J.C. you said it!

I really wish Team Silent would've made the Silent Hill movie of the game series. It would have been amazing and soo much creepier than the US version. It's a big reason I love the games and I can see the influence from Japanese horror cinema. Ringu still creeps me out to this day much more than The Ring!

Great to meet a fellow classic horror movie fan! They are timeless!

Thanks for dropping by! See you around the hop! :-D

Anonymous said...

I was a Rice girl, too!! I've always imagined Lestat was a bit like Peter Murphy...do you agree?

Happy blog hop:)

C.W. LaSart said...

I like vampires the best. Not sure why, but ever since childhood, I have loved them. Following blog and on Twitter :) C.W.LaSart@hotmail.com

Vanessa Morgan said...

Hi! Found you through the Coffin Hop. This place is right up my alley! New follower too ;)
~Vanessa Morgan

Rae Lori said...

Hiya! Woo hoo another Rice fan!

That's true! I can see Lestat really rocking out like Peter Murphy. Especially in The Vampire Lestat when he went total 80s vampire on us hehe. Good stuff!

Happy blog hop to you as well! :-D

Rae Lori said...

Hey Vanessa! Thanks for following! This is such a great hop. I'm discovering so any great books and authors. :-D

Rae Lori said...

Thanks for the follow C.W.! Vampires are just awesome. The mythology is so varied and interesting. I have to say they are my faves as well next to fae. Again I blame Anne Rice cause my 13 year old self was so entranced by her book. I never looked back from vampires after those great books!

In Julie's Opinion said...

Yes, I am another Anne Rice lover!! Thanks for a great post and awesome giveaway:)
jwitt33 at live dot com

Rae Lori said...

Woo hoo! Another Rice fan. We should start a club or something hehe. Thanks for dropping by, Julie!

Julie Jansen said...

Hi Rae;

I haven't watched the travel channel this Halloween season to see what they have to offer, but I'm going to see what they have tonight! I love learning about spooky places. Tonight after work we are going to go on a haunted walking tour of our town, Olympia, Washington. I wonder what buildings I walk by every day are haunted? :) Happy Halloween and it's so great to have you a part of the Coffin Hop!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Some child psychologists theorize that as children, we need to imagine monsters, and also a force capable of defeating these monsters, to form a sense of security. Maybe that's why we return to the beloved horror classics again and again - our early favorite monsters could be defeated, and we liked it that way.

Anne Rice is great at the sideways glance at the horror surrounding her characters.

erinoriordan (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Elizabeth said...

Haven't read much horror lately, but your book covers look very enticing. Glad to be participating in Coffin Hop!

Melissa said...

Forever Knight! I think we were probably weened on the same horror content. I was a Ricer too. I'm here via the hop. Nice to meet you!

Jennifer S said...

I am stalking... errr FOLLOWING you everywhere GFC~ Jennifer S, FB~ Jennifer Railey Smith, and twitter~ lilmamaj81)

Thanks for the chance to win

JenniferSmith.ga (at) gmail.com

Rae Lori said...

Hey Julie!

Indeed! I hope you were able to catch tonight's goodies! If you (or anyone here in the threads) are fan(s) of classic horror and get Turner Classic Movies (TCM), there will be a marathon tomorrow of Val Lewton's horror movies and a documentary (http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/443518|0/Val-Lewton-Horror-10-29.html). Sunday will also be a full day for more Travel Channel spookiness and there may be some great marathons for those couch potatoes that day hehe. Good stuff!

I hope you blog about your haunted walking tour! I'd love to read about how that went. I love watching spooky places on the travel channel but I'm a bit too nervous to go to them! Lol. I like the comfort of staying behind the screen. hehe. Nevertheless, they can make for some GREAT stories!

Thanks for making this hop available. It's been so fun! Have a safe and healthy weekend!

Rae Lori said...

Hiya Erin! Thanks for stopping by!
That's interesting about chicl psychologists. I can definitely see the pov behind that. And especially how that continues into our adult world. I don't like horror movies where the baddie monster gets away. Makes me uneasy. But the classic ones and the ones that get defeated are more preferable!

And too true about Anne Rice! She's a bit like Mary Shelley in turning the mirror around on what it means to be human via the supernatural monsters and creatures. :-D I imagine that's what makes her work so classic.

Rae Lori said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Thanks! If you like epic history, a bit of romance and dark fantasy I think the series will be right up your alley! For some psychological horror, I have a free story called City of the Wishmakers on my sidebar with a link to Drops of Crimson's ezine. Feel free to take a read! :-D

Thanks for dropping by!

Rae Lori said...

Hey Elizabeth Twist!

Great to meet you on the hop! Indeed! Gotta love Nick Knight. He's a great vampire hero! And another Ricer! woo hoo! We should all form a support group hehe.

Rae Lori said...

Lol hey Jennifer! Great to see you around and thanks for all the follows! They are much appreciated. :-D

I'll have to check out the audio interviews with the hopper coordinators that you linked to on FB. Thanks for posting that!

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Rae. I think I'm following you everywhere now...
I don't really watch much horror these days. There are two reasons for this: my wife and teenaged sons are not into being scared at all, and the second reason is due to the fact that too much out there is interested in gore and brutality. I'm more of a haunted house/Silence of the Lambs kind of guy. Recently I watched the classic The Changeling (which I had never seen) and Let Me In which was a remake, but brilliant. In books, I'm a hugh Michael Slade fan although not too many know about him.
Thanks for posting.

rapture22 at hotmail dot com

A. F. Stewart said...

I agree psychological horror is the best. We also have the same taste in TV shows.

RL.Treadway said...

Hello Rae, Happy Coffin Hop to you - stopping by and followed your blog, will have to return and read more! On my way to Twitter for pimping out the Coffin Hoppers and will follow you there

Raingirl said...

loving thei Coffin Hop--meeting new authors & finding new scarey things to read (they are my favorite)am following the blog as Raingirl and also on twitter as SandyM1959 I keep adding more books to my must read list from doing this hop.would so love the "Goodie bag"
Happy Holloween & BOO!!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I found this post because maybe I can pick your brain...Twenty years ago I watched a psychological horror movie that I haven't been able to find because I FOGOT THE TITLE.

I know, right?

So. This is what I remember. Perhaps you know of it and can help me out!

First, the movie was written by psychologists who were seeking to create the perfect horror. The movie was about people sitting in a movie theatre with bad stuff going on around them. I remember a restroom and eyeballs and not much else because it freaked me out I kept leaving the room.

And if I remember, the title was one word that started with P but was not Psycho (obviously)


help? Please? Anyone?


Kraftmatic Adjustable Blog
#8 on the Coffin Hop


following you on FB and T!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rae! Very nice to meet you. I'm probably one of the few folks here who wasn't influenced by Anne Rice, in fact most of my early influences were mystery novels and horror movies.

Stalking you on Twitter now (@Fear_In_Words). Happy Halloween!

Shadow said...

Happy Halloween! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Rae Lori said...

Hey Jimmy!!

Thanks so much for the follows!

I must agree with you about today's horror movies. Too much gore for me as well, especially when life itself can be brutal enough! Haunted house stories and old atmospheric gothic stories are another great subgenre that I'm starting to see make a comeback thank goodness! I was thinking of seeing Let Me In and the original Let the Right One In but I wasn't sure if it would be too graphic. I've seen a trailer and some clips and the movies do seem beautifully atmospheric which adds to the creepiness factor!

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your faves! I may have to pick some of these up. :-D

Rae Lori said...

Hey A.F.! Another psych horror fan woo hoo! Glad to see ya and thanks for stopping by. :-)

Rae Lori said...

Hi RL! Thanks for dropping by my hop and happy coffin hop to you as well. :-D Please do feel free to read more anytime. I will probably run into you via Twitter or Facebook during the hop! Hope you have a good one!

Rae Lori said...

Hey Raingirl! Thanks for the follow! I know what you mean, I'm adding up some titles to add to my Goodreads bookshelf including some books I've been waiting on for a while. I think I've collected more books than I have time to read! LOL.

Thanks for dropping by!

Rae Lori said...

Heya Ash! Thanks for coming by and thank you SO much for tweeting about the Coffin Hop! I've been having so much fun getting to know new authors and their books. :-D

Hmmmm. That's a bummer about the title because now I'm wondering the same! I tried to do a google search but nothing came up. I have a friend who is a horror movie nut. I'm going to see if he can remember this movie by your description. Hope we can find it!

Rae Lori said...

Heya Jason! Nice to meet you as well! Mystery and horror novels are pretty great as well! I bet a mixture of both offered up some great story ideas like King's work. :-) Thanks for the stalkery followy fun. :-D

Rae Lori said...

Hiya Shadow! My pleasure! Glad you stopped by. :-D