Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest

Welcome to AWD's Celebration of the Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest! Thanks for dropping by to check out my picks and a big ole thanks to Ellie for creating this awesome event.

I've been a fan of Star Trek since as far back as I can remember. My father and brother got me into science fiction and we watched tons of television shows and movies within the genre. Everything from the original Doctor Who to the original Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, Thunderbirds, U.F.O., The Invaders and tons more I can't think of at the moment. I fell in love with the amazing adventures and variety of characters offered in the genre. I also never got my fellow nerd wars battling over whether Star Trek and Star Wars. I thought they were both awesome! ;-)

When I heard about Star Trek blogfest for today, I was jazzed! August 22nd should be declared as official Star Trek day, especially since Star Wars has it's own day. We need days when we can just complete geek out on awesome sci-fi. ;-)

Anyway, I made my picks for my fave characters, movies and episodes to commemorate the day. Enjoy the post and don't forget to check other related posts around the blogosophere.

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Rae's Top Fave Trek Characters


While all the ladies swooned over Kirk and his swagger, I was drooling over Spock. The quiet, brainiac alien of the group with those awesome pointed ears. There's something about a guy with brains that gets my train rolling and Spock had a quiet dignity and strength about him, even when he got royally ticked off at his ward Valeris in The Undiscovered Country.

Lt. Uhura

Uhura, in a word, rocked. She is definitely one of my childhood (s)heroes! To the outside world she may have just been known as a chick who had the communicator thing in her ear but she was a revolutionary. A woman of color on a starship in the future where she was treated just like one of the crew. It was a bold move in the turbulent 60s and one that also made television history.

Uhura was the epitome of grace and femininity and I loved how she was a brainy empathic character to top it off. She seriously showed some chops when she put Mr. Adventure in his place after he made a crack at her age and in the mirror version when Mirror Sulu got too cozy for her liking. I'm probably one of the few people who loved her chemistry with Scotty in the later movies. Thanks to one of the stories in the Trek anthologies edited by Dean Wesley Smith, Uhura finally got her starship and Captain's chair in a story she shared with Carol Marcus and Dr Gillian Taylor.

Capt. Benjamin Sisko
I'm in the camp that Sisko should have been a Captain from the get go (ahem). DS9 is my fave series behind the original series. I loved the fact that they took this series further and made the characters more complex and sometimes even a bit grim at times. Sisko may have went into some sketchy waters at times (i.e. the Dominion War) but he always stuck by his guns and gave his all. Strength, dignity and diplomacy with a side of butt kicking if necessary, Sisko is the kind of starship captain one can always count on to look after his crew.

Commander Data

I'm not a huge fan of TNG but I sure loved Data, especially his scenes with his best bud Geordi. He reminded me a lot of Spock in the way he tried to understand the ins and outs of humanity and emotions. Though he was somewhat childlike at times, he was an android with a heart of gold and according to Tasha Yar, fully functional. Ahem.

Lily Sloane

I flippin' love Alfre Woodard squeed when she guest starred in a Trek film. I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw the chemistry between her and Picard (where's the goodbye kiss?!) especially during the 1940s Dixon nightclub scenes. Lily was an awesome female character and as a woman of color, I was so jazzed to see her on the screen as a smart, capable woman who wasn't afraid to tell and show a starship captain what he needed to do to save his crew and ultimately himself. Lily is the type of character I wish they brought back for more stories on the screen or at least gave more side stories to in other mediums.

Rae's Top Trek Episodes

Far Beyond the Stars (DS9) - Emmy? Do I smell an Emmy? The fact that this episode of Deep Space Nine didn't get an award, much less a nomination, is a great sham upon entertainment awards. And yet not unsurprising when you consider how mainstream media likes to hide from shows that shine a light on it's ugly past.

Star Trek is no exception. Since the early TOS episodes, there have been eps that talk about social commentary of the time and this is one that really brings the prejudice and injustice that many minorities, namely African Americans to the forefront in a way that is usually glossed over. Avery Brooks brings out an amazing performance as Benny, a writer who pens the story of starship Captain Benjamin Sisko in the future where diversity is encouraged and expected rather than something to be feared or shunned. I loved all the performances here and I loved seeing all the actors zipped back in time to don fedoras and suits instead of their uniforms and alien masks. It was interesting to see how they looked outside!

This scene is probably one of my faves in the ep (and that's a tough call to make considering the overall episode)!

Also on the list: Amok Time (TOS), A Piece of the Action (TOS), City on the Edge of Forever (TOS), The Trouble With Tribbles (TOS), Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG), Trials and Tribulations (DS9), Unification I and II (TNG)

Rae's Fave Trek Film

I've never really been one to run with the crowd so why start now? :-D

Star Trek II is a fan favorite but my fave will always be:

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock!
After much understood anger over Spock's death, the powers that be put this movie together to bring him back in a massive way. Christopher Lloyd and Dan Ackroyd as klingons! An awesomely epic James Horner score and the planet Vulcan! Uhura showing a newbie Lt. who's boss! I squeed. :-)

I'm a huge vulcan fan so I loved the overall theme here of vulcan tradition and customs from the beginning with Sarek asking Kirk for assistance in finding his son and at the end when they bring Spock back. As a story, this one had some great adventure, suspense (the death of Enterprise A *tear*), tragedy (the fate of Kirk's son), humor (Sulu showing an arrogant guard who's boss), air and ground battle scenes and an awesome ending (the reunion of Spock and the crew). I love the overall mood of this movie and how it fits into the overall arc as it connects it's predecessor and next movie. Shakespeare has always inspired many a Trek scenes and considering the arc involving The Wrath of Khan, The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home, I think the bard will be very proud.


M Pax said...

The industry seems to shun sci-fi in general. Don't you think? I liked Ms. Lily, too. DS9 was a great series. It started slow then really found its feet.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Strong. Quiet. Smart. I like Spock, too! I'm such a nerd. ;)

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Hutch said...

Your blog is fantastic, I like the look. Now down to business, Love your choices. Haven't really watched DS9 a lot, that will change

Rae Lori said...

M Pax I agree! I notice this is a new trend as they bring in new sci-fi shows on network television. Whenever they do a behind-the-scenes thing and explain the show, it's always "ooh! It's not any of that sci-fi stuff! It's *Drama*"

Embrace the sci-fi television people. We don't hurt. And we have cookies. :-D

Agree about DS9 (and yeah Lily is awesome!). I like the later eps of DS9 myself! :-D

Rae Lori said...

Elizabeth, indeed! Spock is too awesome. I like to nerd out on here so feel free to let your hair down! :-D

Congrats on your upcoming novel btw! I'm a YA PR fan so I must check it out.

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Hutch! Glad ya stopped by! I was thinking of changing the layout a bit but I rather like it as is so it may stay a bit. :-)

Woo hoo DS9 rewatch! I should probably do the same. There are some great arc episodes I'd love to refresh my memory on. :-D

msmariah said...

I agree. Scifi still has a stigma attached to it in the industry for some strange reason. Battlestar Galactica was one of the best shows on television, but it never got nominated like Mad Men.

Also, The Walking Dead is AMC's highest rated show, over Mad Men, and yet they're cutting The Walking Dead and not Mad Men.

Ellie Garratt said...

Ooo...there definitely was chemistry between Lily and Picard!

Awesome list. Thanks for taking part!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for taking part in the blogfest! I agree with most of what you said, except about Sisko being Captain from the start. I like it that he started out only ranked as a commander - it made sense given the fact that Deep Space Nine was supposed to be an unimportant spot, and it gave his career somewhere to go to in the later seasons.

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James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Rae. I'm one of those who could watch Wrath of Khan over and over again; however, it has been interesting to see a few people like yourself actually convince me to get back to films III and IV. I'll definitely do that and probably watch the entire arc.
Thanks for the post!


Dave said...

Great lists. Uhura, Sisko, Lily and Star Trek III rarely get their dues.

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