Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest

Welcome to AWD's Celebration of the Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest! Thanks for dropping by to check out my picks and a big ole thanks to Ellie for creating this awesome event.

I've been a fan of Star Trek since as far back as I can remember. My father and brother got me into science fiction and we watched tons of television shows and movies within the genre. Everything from the original Doctor Who to the original Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, Thunderbirds, U.F.O., The Invaders and tons more I can't think of at the moment. I fell in love with the amazing adventures and variety of characters offered in the genre. I also never got my fellow nerd wars battling over whether Star Trek and Star Wars. I thought they were both awesome! ;-)

When I heard about Star Trek blogfest for today, I was jazzed! August 22nd should be declared as official Star Trek day, especially since Star Wars has it's own day. We need days when we can just complete geek out on awesome sci-fi. ;-)

Anyway, I made my picks for my fave characters, movies and episodes to commemorate the day. Enjoy the post and don't forget to check other related posts around the blogosophere.

Grab some Romulan Ale and mosey on down to the picks!

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Steampunk Podcast and a New Cover

Woo hoo! I have more news to share. :-D

The BrodPod August Steampunk podcast is up and live at the BP site here. I'm hosting some awesome talents this month:  Jody Lynn Nye, who tells a tale of clock-work heart stimulation; Danielle Ackley-McPhail, who shares a singing angel in a steam-powered saloon;  Pauline Baird Jones, who explores varying levels of "crazy" in her steam-punk-sci-fi-romance mash-up; and Emilie P Bush, who discusses the usefulness of various simple and battery-powered weapons on an airship.

And speaking of my fellow broad Danielle Ackley-McPhail, I'll be sharing writing contributions with her and many other awesome authors in the upcoming Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels: Vol 1. The writing guide is slated for a September/October release date with Dragon Moon Press. I'll be contributing with the chapter entitled: World-building: Bringing the Impossible to Life.

AWD's Author Spotlight for August - Latrivia S. Nelson

 AWD's Author Spotlight is coming out of hiatus for a very special author spotlight this month. I love showcasing my fave authors as well as those who are on my shelf and this August, we are having a new favorite of mine: Latrivia S. Nelson!

Ms. Nelson has published ten novels including the largest interracial romance novel in the genre to date, Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2010).  She is also the President and CEO of RiverHouse Publishing, LLC and author of two series: The Medlov Crime Family Series & The Lonely Heart Series. She's also a powerhouse publicist with an impressive resume of public relations and marketing experience as well as teaching under her belt.

Latrivia popped by for an author Q&A and gave some insight into her writing and what her readers can look forward to in both series!

AWD: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

LSN: When I was about five years old, I started to write stories in Kindergarten. I would pass them out to my classmates and read them to my aunt and mom. I knew then that I wanted to be an author.

AWD:  How would you describe the genre in which you do most of your writing?

LSN: Interracial Romance is about breaking barriers and showing that love is love. It has no barriers and it should not be regarded as something different simply because people are from different cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds. Interracial Romance is the sub-genre of Multicultural Romance but it is a hard genre to write in simply because of the readers who purchase these books. These readers are highly intelligent, intellectual, successful women and men who enjoy a combination of romance and drama in all of their stories. I respect each and every reader of Interracial Romance, and I always have their interests and lifestyles in mind when I write stories for them.

AWD: What motivated you to start writing in this genre?

LSN: I was involved in interracial relationships very early in my adult life. And I remember looking for movies or books that highlighted relationships like mine. Needless to say that there were only a few movies and a few authors out there. I was always taught that a person should not just identify where their needs to be change but that they should also change it. I started to write IR novels to highlight beautiful interracial couples and their stories.

Now that I am in an interracial marriage and have interracial children, it is important for me to write so that they have stories that are out there for couples like me and for readers who enjoy a good book regardless of the genre.

IR is not just for women who like white men. This genre is for people who like good books. I truly believe that.

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New at AWD!

After a long hiatus, we got some goodies coming up here at AWD. I'm jazzed to spotlight one of my fave authors Latrivia Nelson who will be stopping by to share some of her writing insight and upcoming works. So if you're a fan or looking for a new author's work to check out, drop by to check out Latrivia's work!

My newsletter should be going out this week. I have big news to share that I can finally confirm and post so keep an eye out for that.

For all you Steampunk fans, I'll be hosting the upcoming episode of Broad Pod Fabulare's Steampunk Episode featuring authors Jody Lynn Nye, Kathryn Hinds, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Pauline Baird Jones, and Emilie Bush.

Also, keep a keen eye on this blog for a new short story coming out followed by the continuation of a certain series that's very close to be released for the public.

Lots of goodies coming up starting this week so stay tuned!

I'm also signing up for the Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest. All you Trekkies, Trekkers, and Treksters out there come on down and join us to share your fave Trek memories, movies and characters on August 22nd!