Of Slumps and Bookstores

So...my brain took a mini trip to dive whole hog into analytical work and now the creative side needs a bit of a boost. Today I went to the bookstore after months of no bookstore visits and mainly online shopping (which I love). It felt great. Our local Borders closed (and I found out the first Borders I went to back home in California also closed, so it was a bummer) and the used bookstore in town that I recently discovered also had to close.

Alas, our Bookman's was still standing and going pretty strong as ever. A great used bookstore with a big selection of stuff is deadly for me and my pocket book, especially if I'm trying to save. I've loved books since I was a child and I'm used to leaving bookstores and libraries with stacks of books under each arm. This time I told myself I wouldn't get as much but...well, you probably know how that ended. ;-)

On the plus side, I ended my reading slump especially in the genre of IR (or interracial romance). I've been gathering the books in the genre for a while but for some reason I couldn't get into any of the new ones I got. Bookman's had an awesome selection of IR books that I had heard about but never had a chance to read. I started loading up and making a mental list of all the books I would read and I suddenly started feeling that bug bite me again. It was an awesome feeling. Creating, even in your mind, is an amazing feeling that's not unlike floating with a sea of possibilities. Works-in-progress (or WIPs) here I come!

Now, don't get me wrong.

I still love online shopping, e-books and my e-reader. But sometimes the brain needs to be cheated with a change of pace to get those creative juices flowing again in an unfamiliar environment.

Next stop...

Back to the writing cave!


Melissa said...

Good luck---I know how hard that can be, getting back into creative mode and you have to do when the iron strikes. I can't wait to read more from you! : )

Rae Lori said...

Thanks so much for your support and wonderful words of encouragement, Melissa! :-D