Dipping back into the waters

Greetings all!

It has been ages since I popped into my blog for updates! For the past few months, I've been taking a rather unscheduled sabbatical from online. Between working hard at the day job, a new romance and a mini break to gather my creativity back in full force, the time has been flowing by like crazy! A week seemed like a day.

So many things have changed since I last blogged. Our local Borders closed down, the publishing industry has turned on its head and gone e-crazy with all the new readers and paths to publishing. Everyone I talk to has talked about publishing their book via Kindle. Publishers closed down, some are opening. At the same time, agents are becoming publishers themselves! It's definitely a brave new world of publishing after talking about it and speculating about it for so long, it's surreal to see it happen here right in front of my eyes. I love it and it's a bit scary at the same time.

With that kind of liberation in publishing, there also comes new fears and responsibilities. Readers are becoming more careful with their money and the amount of books coming out affords them to be pickier with how they spend their time. One bad indie book can spoil the bunch for some readers and I've heard more than once that many are nervous to venture into indie reading because they don't know what has been tested and recommended. On the flip side, it can cause a bit of stress to put out the perfect product. Even after you put out the best product you can, it doesn't always hit out the park with everyone who reads it, as readers look for different things in books. It's a rough reality every writer comes to terms with which is why I take breaks in between. I love writing and I love bringing out new works, especially when I imagine how excited readers will be as they progress through my stories.

While I'll be taking baby steps to ease back in the public angle, I'll be charging forward behind the scenes on some projects I have lined up. I have a new editor I'm working with who is giving me awesome feedback on my stories, so it's just a matter of getting through each project and then prepping them for release.

I hope you guys will bear with me and hang tight as I bring out new releases and sprinkle in some freebie stories here on this blog.

I have joined the e-revolution with my new Nook Color so I'll be catching up on some reads on my end and hope to be posting some reviews here as well as some recs for you guys out there.

In the meantime, happy reading to you all!


Savannah Chase said...

Welcome back...Yes you are right, the industry has gone in a while new direction. It is not what it use to be....

Maria Zannini said...

With all you said, and I zeroed in on your new romance. :-)

Welcome back!

PS Since getting my Nook I have been reading a lot more than before. It's just so much more convenient--and I like I can resize the text.

Rae Lori said...

Hey Sav! Thanks so much. Great to be back in the online writing world. It's weird, even though I took a few months off it seems like years have passed! It'll be interesting to see the new world of publishing when things settle down.

Rae Lori said...

Hiya Maria! Good to see you again too!

*Laughs* I thought I was being sly there for a moment but yep! I've been on cloud nine for a bit as well over that. Good to be back though.

And I hear ya! It's so much fun to load up the Nook library with books. So many goodies to take in one shot and yeah! The text resizing feature is awesome. Even for webpages. I'm a button pusher too, so I like pushing things, turning pages and zooming in and out with the swipe of the fingers. :-D

Melissa said...

The Nook color rocks!!! so enjoy! And welcome back! I am slowly starting to wade in the water again myself. Thanks for all the encouragement and support you give--I only hope I can give you back all of that!