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New 'Inheritance' Release Date and some upcoming goodies

Hey folks!

Peeking my head out of the ol' writing cave to check in with the world. First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and any loved ones you guys may have out there. The news has been devastating and completely unbelievable. The news likes to repeat video footage and I can only see so much devastation before I have to step away. Japan has such a wonderful rich history and to see this is just.....not enough words to say.

In other news, I have this mind as I'm writing 'Inheritance' which starts out in ancient medieval Japan. So it's rather surreal to see the news of now compared with the events and culture so many centuries ago.

As you guys know, I want to make sure these books are as close to perfection as possible. I had originally planned for an April release of 'Inheritance' but I'm going to bump that back a bit to October which was last year's release date for 'Mortals'. There are a lot of items I want to …

Happy Read an Ebook Week!! March 6-12, 2011

It's that time again when we celebrate the awesomeness of digital technology and the future of literature.

Yes, it's Read An Ebook Week! WOO HOO!

Check out the history of the event here at the main website. We've come a long way baby and ebooks are more popular than ever. If you haven't tried an ebook, why not dive in now with a great read to load into your ereader, phone or on your computer?

To celebrate, I am offering a copy of my newly re-released fantasy romance novella Uthiel's Embrace!

But that's not all. ;-)

This limited edition features a 2-chapter sneak peek at Cimmerian City, the 2nd edition re-released and expanded version coming very soon. I know some of my readers out there have been dying to check this one out so I thought I'd give you a little treat of what's to come. The Uthiel's Embrace: Read An Ebook Edition is only available this week so grab it while you can!!

In other news for you spec fic romance junkies, be sure to check out t…

Winner of Before Dawn Breaks: Escape the Winter! An IR Book Giveaway

Thanks to all who entered the Before Dawn Breaks: Escape the Winter! An IR Book Giveaway! Woo hoo!

The random number generator has spoken and the winner is.....

Please email me with your addy on where you'd like to receive the books. I hope you enjoy the reads!

Stay tuned for more upcoming contests, news and info here at AWD! :-)