Excuse Me, Miss by Phillip Thomas Duck

2011 IR Reading Challenge
2011 POC Reading Challenge

4.5 - This is a 5 star story for me and my only real complaint is that I wish it was longer and preferably a series!

Mr. Duck wrote from a female perspective pretty impressively while showcasing 'fidelity anthropologist'/sexy decoy Victoria "Vicki" Frost as our narrator and main character. Vicki works to test the fidelity of married men and give their wives some comfort but at the same time, she is hiding secrets of her own which start to unravel when she happens to fall for one of the husbands she's testing.

This was an awesome story. I really liked the way Mr. Duck wrote Vicki as a whip smart yet vulnerable character. Even the guy she falls for is complex yet a good guy who tries to do right that I found myself rooting for them despite the context of their relationship.

There were instances where the transition confused me a little but overall it didn't affect my thoughts on the story. I really enjoyed it and would've loved to have seen more adventures with Vicki and how her situation turned out in the end considering where it left off. I hope Mr. Duck considers giving us another story!

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Phillip Thomas Duck said...

Thanks for the review, Rae! There is a follow-up to "Excuse Me, Miss", coming out soon, "Modesty". I hope to get a sample out on my blog, soon!

Melissa said...

Sounds really interesting. I'll definitely put it on my "to read" list. Thanks! : )