2011 - A Look Ahead

Greetings programs! (Yep, still on my Tron kick ;-))

This year has been rocky for me so far. My computer went ka-boom right smack on the 1st of the month so I've been navigating work in some interesting ways. Besides borrowing a comp from a family member, I'm making heavy use of my Blackberry. For instance, I started writing a novella on it. And not just any novella, a cyberpunk romance. Wild! Bring on the Philip K. Dick inspirations! Technology has come a long way and as I'm rewriting/editing some of my works (too be listed below) right here on the phone. Thank you for Microsoft Office on the go. It's also a great backup device for files I want to bring around with me. I can't help but think how much communications technology is speeding ahead.

This past Christmas, the e-reader market exploded, Amazon went Hollywood, the CES conference that took place just the other week was bursting with upcoming tablet devices and writers are becoming the storytellers of yore once again via online sales. Dragonpage has a wonderful podcast entry on this and the changing face of the publishing industry. I'm looking forward to see how it goes because it looks to be a very wild but interesting ride.

Looking ahead, I have a few projects in the works coming up early this year.

Longer works 
Inheritance of Ashes (Ashen Twilight Series #3 - Final book) 
Cimmerian City (Cimmerian Series #1)
A Feast of Shadows (Cimmerian Series #2)

Short Fiction 
Uthiel's Embrace (Re-release)
A Day in the Life of Simplicity (Re-release, new ending)

Now, most of my works will be released indie style with all trimmings (editing, professional layouts, etc.) in both ebook and print. I've received a few emails from my readers (Thank you, guys!) asking about when Cimmerian City will be making a comeback.

Cimmerian City was my first novel and probably the one I'm most proud of because it premiered with such gusto for me that it will always hold a place in my heart. Looking back, I think it needed some tightening in the story and a lil bit of expansion. A lot of time has changed in between the premiere and when it went out of print. Much of the climate I describe in the book dealing with corporations and government have come to a head and I'm adding a little bit more tweaks to tie in. Also, I've grown a bit stronger as a writer (at least I like to think so!) since the first release and I think I can bring a better polish with what I've learned  from my writing mentors and from what I've been teaching my students at the novel writing classes. I also like to take my time in making sure that the end product is the best it can be story content wise and editing, which means a few eyes have comb through the text! The last thing I want to do is have a reader disconnect from the story because of some errors! So that's why it's taking me a little time to polish but be sure that both stories in the Cimmerian Series universe will premiere very soon as well the conclusion to the Ashen Twilight series - Inheritance of Ashes.

'Inheritance' is going to be a heavy one. I'm already fussing over a lot of details and backstory because some revelations will be revealed in the first chapter and I want to make sure everything connects up. So expect to see the timeline updated along with some other extra special goodies to come. I'm thinking about adding the timeline and character info in the last book, that way it won't be spoiled for anyone who's still on the first two books. :-)

I'll pop in with an updated post in the middle of the year to see what's ahead for late 2011. Who knows what new developments we'll have by then. Maybe flying cars manned by e-readers and tablets? ;-)


Savannah Chase said...

Wow you have a whole lot of things going on...I'm glad to see you are back and getting the books out there...

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Your year is very full and it's only half-way through January. You obviously rock.

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Sav! I can't wait to get back fully on my feet but I'm juggling things offline for now. Once I get a new computer (still shopping for one) I'll appreciate having one even more than last year. It's definitely been an adventure so far! :-)

Hey Julia! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, lots to do! Lol. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there's enough time. :-) It's easier for me to break things down so I don't get too overwhelmed so I do half a year at a time. Thanks for the kind words. You rock, too my fellow Diva! :-D