Science Fiction For Boys, For Girls, For All

In a recent romance magazine that spotlighted science fiction, I saw a blurb about a reader who doesn't read sci-fi because of the woo woo or out there things. While I respect her for her reading choices, I still found it interesting that some folks still equate science fiction as 'crazy stuff that happens and can't be explained'. Sure we have genre distinctions now like fantasy, sci-fi and horror but as a reader and sci-fi lover from way back, it's always been so much more to me.

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A Writer's Dream Welcomes the Artists behind Dusk Vol. 2: A Vampire Graphic Novel

This is a special month and even though AWD has taken some time off from guest interviews, I couldn't pass up this chance to introduce a project with some  very cool people attached to it. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of vampires and graphic novels, so once a friend of mine told me about the Dusk series I had to have the creative team stop by the blog to share their work and the project.

So as a first, and hopefully not a last interview with some very talented graphic artists, AWD would like to give a warm welcome to artists Jerry Gonzalez and Joamette Gil and writer David Doub!