~ A New Release Books Alert site

I can't remember whether I saw this website at Dear Author or Teleread but this was such a cool idea, I decided to sign up right away. Today I got my first alert list and I was really pleased at the layout and info included in the newsletters.

To summarize, is a new website that alerts you to new book releases in different genres and categories. It's currently in its beta phase but it works pretty smoothly! I signed up for the Audiobooks, Comic Book and Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi & Fantasy and Romance categories. Since my TBR pile has gotten out of hand, I stopped adding a lot of books far out in the future (usually I can't remember them until they swing around to release anyway) but this little handy website is an awesome reminder for what books sound right up my alley. A big plus is I can run out and grab them at the time especially if I'm in the mood to read it (no waiting for months yay!). 

If you're a big reader like me and want an extra nudge for release dates, mosey on down, check out the site and give it a whirl!

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