In Enemy Hands by K.S. Augustin ~ A well written Sci-fi romance

2010 - SFR Reading Challenge #6 

In Enemy Hands is sci-fi romance hybrid filled with adventure, suspense and some spiffy tech speak alongside a developing romance. The sci-fi romance subgenre is slowly growing and I'm always jazzed to see new additions to the library.

The book starts in the past with Moon's old research partner as they work for the republic. As with many great SF stories, there are rebels working outside of the republic and Moon gets a surprise when she finds out a secret her partner is hiding. Needless to say, she is left holding the back and suffers years of interrogation and life when she held for crimes she didn't commit. Later, she is sent to work on another vessel where she meets her new research partner, Srin, a literal living calculator who also loses his memory every two days in a restart to keep him under control. Moon is fighting her attraction to Srin and is heartbroken every time she has to restart their meeting. Srin's mind is completely wiped...or is it?

Full review right after the jump ~ A New Release Books Alert site

I can't remember whether I saw this website at Dear Author or Teleread but this was such a cool idea, I decided to sign up right away. Today I got my first alert list and I was really pleased at the layout and info included in the newsletters.

To summarize, is a new website that alerts you to new book releases in different genres and categories. It's currently in its beta phase but it works pretty smoothly! I signed up for the Audiobooks, Comic Book and Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi & Fantasy and Romance categories. Since my TBR pile has gotten out of hand, I stopped adding a lot of books far out in the future (usually I can't remember them until they swing around to release anyway) but this little handy website is an awesome reminder for what books sound right up my alley. A big plus is I can run out and grab them at the time especially if I'm in the mood to read it (no waiting for months yay!). 

If you're a big reader like me and want an extra nudge for release dates, mosey on down, check out the site and give it a whirl!

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