The Little Prince (Graphic Novel) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry with Illustrations by Joann Sfar

2010 - Young Adult Reading Challenge #12 (After the excellent Heist Society #11)

The Little Prince is a beloved classic French children's story that many continue to love well into their adulthood. Even today I hear friends and peers of mine talking about wonderful memories they had of the little prince that came from outer space. I still have fond memories of the animated movie that I grew up loving.

That's why I jumped on the chance to check out a recent incarnation of The Little Prince in graphic novel formats, also considering I love GNs.

That said, I would say this version of the novel is more fit for those like me who are familiar with the story they grew up loving. The essence of tale is here in that The Little Prince has his adventures and an immense imagination as he tries to understand grownups and the new world he landed in, but the style of the narrative seems more fit for adults who may also be fans of philosophy. There are a lot of things that I tripped over a bit that may be tough for a little kid to get into.  Plus there are also a few existential and somewhat trippy topics that often jump from one situation to another before ending abruptly. The narrative is written in a very dream-like scenario and even beginning the story felt like a dream that was already in progress. It reminded me of Linklater's Waking Life in that narratives stop and start with no defining end or beginning, it just is.

Coupled with illustrator Joann Sfar's whimsical Moebius inspired artwork, younger readers may be uncomfortable with the overall unsettling style. Characters are drawn in an exaggerated style often out of symmetry which adds to its dream-like quality. Older fans will definitely be interested in adding this to their collector's shelf (especially in hardcover edition) as another take on a beloved children's tale that carries it's own charms to add to the awesome legacy that is The Little Prince.

This review is based on a galley received by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher.