Classic Inspiration

Lately I've been MIA offline taking care of some things. Sometimes when I write, I usually take 'extended leaves from offline' to get the clutter out of my head. (Apologies to all who had comments in moderation. I put the modding up due to some of my posts being spammed. Argh).

While away, I started getting back to the things that I really enjoyed as a kid. One of them is checking old horror movies and books. In addition to my SFR books I'm currently reading, I started reading Frankenstein after watching the original Boris Karloff/James Whale Universal classic movie. I hadn't seen it in awhile and it was good to check it out again with all the scenes that were usually cut. I also watched Bride of Frankenstein which I also enjoyed, especially the beginning which showed Lord Byron, Mary W Shelley and her husband Percy Shelley (where was Polidori?) around the fire telling ghost stories while it rained. I always wondered if someone would make a movie about that moment because it's always alluded to as a classic moment in horror/gothic literature. Mary W Shelley created Frankenstein and John Polidori (Byron's physician) wrote The Vampyre, technically the first vampire novel ever penned. This is one reason one of my characters had a surname of Polidori. ;-)

Although I love the Bela Lugosi Dracula as my fave Universal horror movie, Frankenstein is a close second.

Seeing it again reminded me of the stories I used to tell when I was younger. I used to write some pretty dark stuff back in the day (I guess most teenagers did!) and I sort of got away from that in my later years. I still miss the dark castles, cobwebbed corners, hidden shadows and old tapestries of gothic literature. I rather wish it would make a comeback!

Even still, there's short stories to play in which is the best venue for testing out storylines and different experimental prose. In that sense, I'll be working on a few short stories to stretch out my genre legs for a bit.

All this month I'll be teaching a short story workshop in Second Life (Weds. 6 pm SLT at the Gypsy Camp in Milk Wood) so that'll help me get my mind into the short story mode. :-)


Danielle said...

I love the dark, gothic vibe. It's why my favorite horror literature is the classic stuff.

Rae Lori said...

Hear hear. :-)