My SFR Cup Runneth Low? ~ 2010 Reading Challenge Checkup

For 2010 reading that is. Eek.

Lately I've been feeling more action/futuristic lately so I'm going to try to shift a little away from contemporaries and paranormals and head straight into the future.  The SFR challenge will definitely help get me going on that. I'm still reading (and loving!) Dark Succession and I'm trying not to read too fast so the story will be over too soon (don't you hate it when that happens while reading a good book).

As for other challenges:

The POC (people of color) Reading Challenge

I meant my goal for the POC challenge! WOO HOO. I'm definitely going to be reading more because there's still some books on my short list pile that I want to get to soon. Most of them are IR books but since I've been taking a break from contemporary romance, they've been on the side for now. To be included:

I'll probably beef up that number by the end of the year. I still have a few books that I'd like to get to soon that will fit in this challenge as well as...

The YA Reading Challenge

I'm on a definite YA kick since reading Laurie Halse Anderson's speak and completely glomming the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. LOVE it. I have a few more books to check out and I'm pretty confident I'll make my goal. Right now I'm in between audio books and I may start the Percy Jackson series or The Red Pyramid if something else doesn't catch my eye. I loved the Percy Jackson movie which was too fun and I'm sure the book will be even better with all the scenes and characterization to differentiate it from the cinematic version.

I also came across a pretty cool looking YA SF book by Dom Testa thanks to Dragon Page:

I'm not sure if it has an IR relationship in it but apparently it's part of a series and it sounds like it's got some awesome action between it's pages.

Another book I recently added to my shelf that DOES have a romance centered in it is Anne Osterlund's Academy 7, which I should have added to my SFR Challenge list, but this is definitely one I want to read soon.

I'm also currently reading In Enemy Hands so there's also that one coming up the review end.

Finally there's the 2010 TBR Challenge of which I am a bit behind. I got up to April and then was sidetracked so I'm reading to dive on back into this one.

Let's see...

May Friends to lovers or reunited lovers May 19, 2010
June YA fic­tion: romance, fantasy June 16, 2010
July Unusual pro­fes­sions or not your usual setting July 21, 2010

Okay. May's book has been on my immediate shelf (read my bedside) for a while now. That would be The Other Woman by Patricia Kay. June is taken care of since I read Winter's Passage (yep I'm counting it ;-)) the Iron Fey series in between Books 1 & 2. So that leaves July and May.

Overall, not too bad for halfway through the year. :-)