Next Up On the Roster

Now that I have the 'Mortal's' digital release behind me, I'm going to take a mini break to catch up before I start prepping for the print rush.

On the roster is a few projects that I've been tossing around. A short IR contemporary with a Rio theme (that may become a novel if I can work it), two fantasy stories: one that I wrote for an anthology but now for a magazine and the other originally intended for the magazine, an IR YA surfer romance, a noir romance that needs to be rewritten a bit and, of course, the elusive rewrite of Cimmerian City into A Feast of Shadows. A lot of things have happened since I last released CC in 2007. The world has changed a lot and I've written the second part which will be integrated into the first. The core essence of the story will stay the same but I have some commentary that I would love to add.

Okie dokie. Time to grab the new spiffy word count meters and get to work. I have a few panels at Coyote Con that I'm excited to attend tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll get me in the writing mood along with some episodes of Writing Excuses which I've become addicted to (thanks to a writing buddy's suggestion). Sometimes the simple act of listening to a writing related podcast that covers different aspects of story structure can help get my brain thinking on my own story. I'm hoping this is the case to get back in the game this weekend. :-)