Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore

POC Reading Challenge
2010 - Young Adult Reading Challenge #10

What a charming debut! I heard about Magic Under Glass like many other readers during the book cover debate. I'm glad that Bloomsbury changed their cover to reflect the heroine's dark complexion. It took me a doozy of a hunt to find the new cover because I wanted to show my support for diversity in publishing. Publishers need to realize that there's nothing wrong with diverse characters and covers. It may not make as much or sell as much as characters that are more in the mainstream but the more POC characters are placed on covers, the more mainstream they will become.

But I digress.

The high praise this book has been getting proves that a book such as this can be enjoyed by all. Magic Under Glass reads like a fairytale or a historical novel that could have taken place a long time ago in a world much like our own. Nimira is a capable heroine who reminds me of the strong yet gentle heroines that Austen and the Bronte sisters have brought into the realm of literary classics. There is a bit of fae mythology that I really enjoy but while we don't get to interact with the fae, I enjoyed seeing things from the human perspective this time around. A great war is on the horizon between the fae and the human governments. There is prejudice, class issues, action and intrigue throughout the book. Although the main arc is set up here to make way for the sequels, there's enough story here to sustain a nice beginning. I look forward to seeing more of Nimira and the automaton Erris with whom she may have a potential relationship.

Ms. Dolamore has a magical debut on her hands that will satisfy any fantasy romance and historical reader looking for a modern written fairytale.

Magic Under Glass is Now Available