Within the Shadows of Mortals is Now Available!


After three rounds with the formatting gremlins and lots of caffeine, Within the Shadows of Mortals is now available for your downloading pleasure! The Kindle version should be up in the next few days at Amazon and I'll be posting that link when it's available.

For now, you can buy the book at Smashwords here.

There's an option to download a sample of it and I made it so potential readers can check out half the book. This option won't last for long but I thought I would give the early birds a little something special. ;-)

Today marks the end of the Cate Masters Spotlight contest. If you still want to enter for some freebies, don't forget to stop by the blog here and comment!

I have a couple more projects to tackle again that have been on hold for the past few days but I think I will catch some relaxation time before I dive back in.

Have a great weekend everyone!