Guest Blogger: Teresa D'Amario Celebrates her new release Dark Succession! Out now from Freya's Bower

First, let me thank Rae for hosting my release party! Rae is an awesome artist and author in her own right so it's an honor to be here.

Wow. I can't believe it. It's finally here! The release of Dark Succession. The story of Ryland, who was introduced in my first book, SheWolf. It's hard to believe it has finally arrived. When we first met Ryland, he was not a very nice guy. In fact, one thing which holds true with him is he gives a very BAD first impression. I have to admit, the first time my critique partners met Ryland in Dark Succession, 4 out of 5 of them said "I don't like him". Good, I thought. Because Ryland likes it when people don't like him. In fact, he seems to thrive on it.

As a bad boy, Ryland fits the bill. He's got hutzpah, that's for sure. He hides his feelings beneath an aura of aggressive masculinity, refusing to acknowledge the softness we all know must hide beneath those glaring eyes and gruff manners. When he meets his mate, he doesn't think "It'll be great to be loved". Instead, he wonders if she's strong enough to be at his side. Does she have the strength and stamina? Is she powerful and aggressive? Or is she a wimp? Well, he makes his decision, nicknaming her Rabbit.

Oh yes, he is so not impressed. Why? Well, you have to read the book to find out.

Isn't Ryland hot? Here's a pic I found, that to me, IS Ryland. (Please do not remove these photos and use on your sight, they are licensed and paid for). Oddly enough, I wrote the book long before I went in search of the "face" of Ryland. This photo is just HOT. The thing is, this wasn't why I chose him as the face of Ryland. Despite the mysteriousness of the hot sunglasses, the powerful, thick muscles that matched his physique, and the golden blonde hair which also matches my description of Ryland. Can't you just picture this guy on a Harley, dressed in jeans with a leather jacket? Oooh mama. A man with a true edge, is my Ryland. He's fought long and hard to maintain his individuality in a world where he's always compared to another. The picture I really chose this guy for, I'll show you later. (I know, I'm just evil, aren't I?)

As hot as he is, this book isn't only about Ryland. There is, of course, Nora. Nora is the daughter of a former pack leader, Sean, who is also introduced in SheWolf. Nearly destroyed by those who wanted nothing more than control of a pack that didn't belong to them, she must face the long and daunting task of recovery. She hides more than the scars on her back, left by a silver blade of torture. There's the deep, haunting fear that keeps coming back. As an alpha female, she knows she must overcome this fear, or forever be relegated to the sidelines of any pack she adopts.

If you visit my website, there's a really enticing excerpt of Ryland, the day he comes face to face with his True Mate. But I promised Rae I'd show you a never before seen excerpt of Dark Succession. I had to wrack my brain to find the perfect scene to share. One which doesn't give away too much, but brings you deep into this dark and frightening world. I hope you enjoy it. And stay with me, because there's be more on the fun and games after you read this.

This had to stop, this taunting and teasing. He wasn’t for her, no matter what her wolf side thought. Strong and powerful, he would hate her ingrained cowardice. Bending over had been a bad idea. She’d known it the instant she’d done so, but she’d been so caught up in his scent she’d been unable to resist.

And now his hands burned her hips where he held her close to his body.

“Ryland,” she protested softly, her hands tugging at his wrists.

He rubbed his face in the hair along her neck. “So nice,” he murmured.

Nora couldn’t move. She was mesmerized by his heat.

He nuzzled her throat, his lips searing her flesh. She tipped her head to the side. God, what am I doing? But the wolf inside refused to pull away, relishing the masculine scent and the feel of the male holding her. Fangs scraped along her throat, and a tremor ran through her body.

His breath quickened. “You like that,” he murmured.

Stop. Nora tried to say the word, but it wouldn’t come. She swallowed hard.

Her eyes fluttered open. His tanned flesh was so tantalizingly close. All she had to do was lean in, and she could taste what she knew would be heaven. Saliva pooled in her mouth.

Sharp fangs scraped along her throat again, and she groaned. Her own gums itched in response. She had to stop this. She would not be another in his pack of shewolves.

Searching for anything to distract her line of thoughts, her gaze rested on his scar. The mark on his face extended from below his left eye to his chin. Fine and straight, resembling the slice of a knife. Only a powerful male could survive a slice to the face. She knew first hand how silver burned the blood, boiling beneath the flesh, hindering the clotting process. The puckered skin looked soft. She reached up, her fingers aching to touch, just once.

Quick as a snake, Ryland’s fingers snapped about her wrist.

Are you hooked yet? I certainly hope so. So do you want to see the photo I chose to "Be" the face of Ryland? Yes, I have several photos of the man above. But why did I choose him? I'm sure you'll understand when you see it. You see, Ryland isn't a nice guy. He doesn't play with children and he doesn't play Mr. Nice Guy. Instead, he's a powerful, masculine male who fights to protect what is his, and kills when he must. So, below is the photo which made the final decision.

Now isn't that a man to take a second look at? Can you feel the aggression? Can you feel the testosterone? Oh yes. This is Ryland. And yes, it's the same man as you saw with the sunglasses.

Ok, now for more fun stuff. This is a party, after all. And what is better than party favors? So to celebrate the release of Dark Succession, I have a few party favors. First, I have three "Surprise goodies" to give away. Second, I have a copy of SheWolf to give away (Might as well get started on the story right). And last, there is a $25.00 Amazon gift card to give away on May 30th. And, since all games have to have rules, here's mine:
  1. For every comment you add, you receive one free entry into the contest.
  2. For every person who can tell me which is their hottest or favorite scene in SheWolf (thus proving they have read SheWolf) receives 15 entries in the contests (This proves they've read SheWolf).
  3. For every person who emails me at and gives proof of purchase for Dark Succession, (Get your copy from Freya's Bower) I will give you 25 entries into the contests.
  4. For every person who is following me on twitter, 10 entries. (this includes new followers and old, but please add this in your comment)
  5. For every person who is a fan on my Facebook Fan page: 10 entries.
  6. For every person who is a fan of Rae Lori on twitter, 5 entries. (HA! I betcha didn't expect THAT!)
Make sure when you post your comment, you do the math for me, since I'm realllly bad at math. 3-2 does equal 0, right? See, it's best for you to do your own math and add it into the post - and that also makes sure I've given you credit for everything.


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Well, that's the only freebies for entries I can think of. So one last thing for everyone. Below is my Book Trailer. I hope you enjoy it.


Teresa D'Amario said...

Morning everyone!!!! Let's party Hard!!!

elaing8 said...

good morning,

+1 Great post and excerpt.I look forward to reading this series

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total entries=16

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hi Elaing, thanks for dropping in! I'm looking forward to seeing people's response to this book. :)

Victoria said...

Excellent excerpt. I've said this before, but I really look forward to reading Teresa's work. I finally have Kindle for the PC :).

Ryland is amazing!

+1 post
+10 follow Teresa on Twitter
11 total

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hooray Victoria! I can't wait to see what you think! Kindle for the PC is pretty nice. :)

Beth Caudill said...

Hey Teresa. Finally able to get my hands on this. Can't wait.

Comment - 1

Favorite Scene - 15

I love the scene where Anna is in heat and finds Ryland in her office. And then Kieran comes in. I like where Anna pressed Kieran to admit he would kill for her. There is just something so sexy about that.

Proof of Purchase - 25

Already a Facebook Fan - 10

Darn shame I don't participate on twitter. ;)

Total Points for Contest: 51

Hmm, wonder when I can allow myself to read this. I really should be writing my own novel. Maybe I'll read it tomorrow when the kids get out 2 1/2 hours early.

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hey Beth,

Glad you made it - got your copy of the receipt. :)

Yes, that's one of my favorite scenes too. I was asked to read from the book to show true "wolf" like behavior for a radio show, and that's the scene I picked. That's a really good insight into Ryland too, in that scene. I think it was the turning point in the book for him - when he was more than just a "villain".

Now just remember, this book is alot longer than SheWolf. So 2.5 hrs is NOT going to be enough.

Amy J Ramsey said...


I wanted to stop in see what's going on. Nice, Teresa. I love your pics and the excerpts make you want to read more.

Amy Ramsey
Ramsey's Reviews

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hi Amy, Great to see you here, glad I caught your interest with them. :) I tell ya, when I saw that guy's photos, I thought "That's Ryland", and I wasn't even supposed to be working on his video yet. But I just had to. LOL.

katsrus said...

*1~Loved the excerpt and book trailer. Congrads on the new release of your book.
* 10~Following on Twitter(katsrus2003)
+ 10~Fan on Facebook(Sue Brandes)
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Total entries=26

Sue B

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hey KatsRus! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed the excerpt. :) And thank you for dropping by on this exciting day.

ladybirdrobi said...

Congrats on your newest release. It's been so long since I read and reviewed Shewolf for I believe so I can't say what my fave scene is. I do follow you on Twitter which reminded me of your release party today. Can't buy the book no funds at this time. I think I earned 16 entries unless I missed something.
Twitter username ladybirdrobi

jellybelly82158 said...

Hi Teresa,
This series sounds great!!! I have GOT to read these. I love books about shapeshifters.

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ladybirdrobi said...

Oops recalculated my points it's only 11. My mistake.

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ladybirdrobi said...

Damn I really have to start paying attention. So my calculation is wrong again. Hopefully I get it right this time.

3 posts for 3 points
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For a total of 23 contest entries.
Please forgive me I haven't been my best today. Sleepy and nausea don't make for great companions.

Awesome excerpt by the way

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hey ladybirdrobi, yep, you did a super review on SheWolf. :) And see, you do math the way I do. LOL. Awesome!

Jellybelly, you sound like me. Shifters are just so danged hot. I sometimes have to force myself to not read something till I finish working on a book to make sure it doesn't influence my work, because I just ADORE them.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this. Teresa has quickly earned a slot on my favorite paranormal authors list.

Not entering, but having read SheWolf a few is difficult to pick a single scene for me. I loved Keiran's inner struggle though. It was painted with such painfully raw emotion that it was hard not to empathize with him.

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hi Moira,

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Kieran had alot of internal pain. He seemed real to me when I wrote him, and I think that kind of came across. :D

Unknown said...

Hi Teresa!

Picked this up from Anna's post, excellent excerpt and trailer, Anna's has both trailers posted, may I say WOW! I haven't read either book yet, but adding She Wolf and Dark Succession to my list. I'm always up for the hot shifter magic!

I follow on facebook (Dottie Taylor/gymmom), and now following you and RaeLori on twitter (gymmom_027).

26 entries

Thanks Teresa! Can't wait to try the books!

Dottie :)

Teresa D'Amario said...


Thanks! Wasn't that awesome of Anna to post that there? She helped make my day so much more awesome than I expected. I had no idea that was coming till this morning when she emailed me. :) I'm so glad you made your way here! And thanks for entering!

Rae Lori said...

Awesome turnout! Thanks to everyone for dropping by Teresa's book party! I love the comments going on here. It's bringing me back to SheWolf (which I'm going to be rereading asap)!

Teresa, feel free to pick your winners anytime and post them here if ya like.

Best wishes to all the entrants!

Twimom227 said...

Yea! I thought I was too late:

Let's see if I do the math correctly:

+1 For commenting
I haven't read She Wolf yet, but I own it!
+25 for purchasing Dark Succession (will send email)
+10 for twitter (twimom227)
+10 for fan of your FB page

That gives a total of 46 points! (I hope!)


Twimom227 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teresa D'Amario said...

Very Kewl Twimom. :) Got it. And Rae, I'll post winners this evening. Shut off for entries will be 9 pm (about the time I finish my meeting tonite). :)

This has been great! I love that so many folks dropped by! Thanks so much for having me!

JoJosBookCorner said...

YAY!!! I made it!!!
Congrats again hun!!!! I'm so excited for you!!I can't wait to read! *huggies*
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Twitter Rae +5 jojosbookcorner
Grand total of 26 points

Teresa D'Amario said...

Ok folks! Using randomizer, the gifts have been assigned.

1. Victoria, a Mouse pad (and it's awesome btw)
2. KatsRus, Tote Bag
3. Elaine G, Keychain
4. JoJo - A copy of SheWolf

So email me at desertpetiri @ and send me your addresses. JoJo, I just need an email address. :)

Congrats ladies, and thanks so much for entering. You will all be entered again, with the same number of entries, for the $25.00 gift card which will be given away at the end of the month.

Rae Lori said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to the winners! Hope you enjoy your goodies. :-D

JoJosBookCorner said...

*throws head back and screams*
Congrats To the other winners!!!!

Victoria said...

Thank you so much and congratulations to all the winners.

elaing8 said...

YAY!! Thanks so much.
Congrats to the other winners

Off to email now.

katsrus said...

Wohoo! Thank you so much for the contest! And congrads to the other winners.
Sue B

Amy J Ramsey said...

Way to go winners! Thanks Teresa and Rae for a lovely time. Hope to be involved in another book party!!!