Where to Find Rae this week & Who Censored Roger Rabbit

I'll be posting around the blogosphere this week!

Today I'm over at The Romance Studio posting about the internet opening up a variety of means of discussion about books, reading and publishing.

This Friday I'll be over at PopCultureDivas chatting about the Oscars and Sci-Fi. Don't forget to stop by and say hi at my stomping grounds!

Also,  today Teleread posting some wonderful news! Author Gary K. Wolf is currently selling his out of print novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit as an ebook over at Smashwords! I nearly jumped out of my chair because I've been looking for this book for the longest time and it's been so hard to find a copy. Now it's available from the author himself! This was also the basis for the groundbreaking film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I saw the movie again recently after a few years and it's still one of the most memorable and awesome films in my library. I love the 40s setting, the mystery, the music (Amy Irving actually sang Jessica Rabbit's nightclub cover of Peggy Lee's Why Don't You Do Right. Wow!). Plus the style and the comedy. Everything came together so nicely so I'm really jazzed to see how the book was originated the story. No other movie has managed to do what Who Framed Roger Rabbit did (although Cool World tried its hardest) and I'm pretty sure we won't get anything as imaginative from Hollywood in the future. It's worth checking out if you haven't already!