A Short Story Re-release Coming up For Read An Ebook Week

The Real Miranda, a short crime/noir/suspense story formally published in the Twist of Fate anthology from Eternal Press, is now in the bag for formatting. It'll be re-released as a free short story with a new cover and a rewritten ending starting Monday. I'll have a link up at my website to the online vendors in case you want to grab a copy. It's short enough to read during your lunch or coffee break but loaded with enough suspense to (hopefully) keep you captivated the whole way through. :-)

I'll also be offering all my books currently for sale at Smashwords at half off throughout the week of the event. If you've been waiting to grab a copy, be sure to make a note of that.

Next up is continuing edits on 'Mortals' and trying to finish a fantasy story that's been swimming around in my head since last year (agh!) which finally needs to be written and sent off.

Lots to do but for now I'm going to take a rest day and catch up on some reading before hopping back in to the long haul once again.

I just finished a marathon of Being Human this week and WOW! Talk about awesome! The show kept me to the screen the whole time because I never know what's going to happen. That's one of the reasons I love BBC shows. The other being ethnic diversity you don't see in American television. I'm a little terrified about the US version of the show. I have a feeling Annie will be completely different than her Brit counterpart which will be a complete bummer. The show won't have its snappy dialogue that I love so much from George and Aidan's edginess mixed with his sensitivity will probably be absent also. In fact, the thing I loved about this season was the fact that the characters grew and changed. They were different than what I previously known about them and the interesting thing is I didn't always like them. But that was a good thing because like people you know, you're put off with them one day by the things they've done and the next day, as they work through their problems, you start to feel close to them again. Strange considering these are fictional characters but I love when writers have the ability to do this.

Thankfully Being Human will be returning for more drama and comedy fun for a third season. Which is good because the way it ended was wide open and the repercussions of everything that happened this season will surely stay with the roommates for a long time. I can't wait to see what else the three have in store for the future.